Friday, March 13, 2009

New Books To Read

I've recently picked up Neil Gaiman's books, and I have to say I'm enjoying them thoroughly.

It's a good thing that The Boy has a whole bunch of books at his disposal, which in turn allows them to be in my disposal *laughs*. In truth, I haven't been hanging out in bookstores much lately, so this newfound treasure trove gives me the smileys.

I read Coraline, apparently a children's book (though I would not impose this book on ANY child, seeing how creeped out I was after reading it) and thought that it was a very good read. :D I'm in the midst of Anansi Boys, and only after reading it halfway through do I find it interesting (I mention this to The Boy, at which point he says "You have to read American Gods first la!". Hmmph. Now he tells me.) There are a few other books by Gaiman lying around, so I'm thinking I'll go through his whole collection.

One series of books that I never thought I'd read is the Warhammer 4000. Now, I'll read anything that's well written, really, but this? We shall have to see. The Boy has been pushing me to read it since... sometime ago.

We'll let it wait.

I'm learning to pace my reading, so I don't end up with no books at all by the end of the week.


Mas Light said...

Slow slow babe, if not u'll left with nothing to read XD kekekeke

Write a review after you read W40k book ahahhaa XD

Nick Phillips said...

Speaking of books, I'm in desperate need of some new ones!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to recommend David Sedaris' latest book When You Are Engulfed in Flames as well as Steve Toltz' A Fraction of the Whole. Also, definitely Aravind Adiga's White Tiger too! :-)

daphneh jellehbelleh said...

jumping in.ive been on a book marathon myself la wei,and its making me poor

Rozella said...

I've never read any Gaiman books, yet cos berlamak my books mau dibaca at home, but I really want to cos I've heard so many great things about him.

Rozella said...

@ Galli - I love David Sedaris! Haven't read his new one yet, but it sounds soooo good oh!