Monday, March 23, 2009

I. Don't. Like. Pain.

Waiting is hell.

Especially when what you're waiting for is your period.

Certain parts of my anatomy are... not feeling their best.

I wish it would just get here so the torment will be over.

And anticipate the next.


PS: I just realised something. I'm brushing my teeth a lot more than usual these days.


Mas Light said...

babe why? @_@

Anonymous said...

I can only understand the torment. Mel goes through that every month.

emelda said...

Sakit perut ka moi? If sakit perut kan i normally sleep it off...tapi kalau sia sakit kepala itu sia makan panadol la..sia ni jarang sakit perut tapi selalu sakit kepala bila my period coming...and i hate that!