Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hi. My Name Is Haizum.

And I am a sugar addict.

I read an article about sugar addiction just a little while ago and it occurred to me, how bad a sugar junkie I really am.

Massy only mentioned the words "chocolate cake" and, I kid you not, I started salivating.

I don't even remember having any dessert this week (I've limited myself to 3 [OH ALRIGHT, 2 DAMMIT!] a week), but apparently, I have. I don't know if that's my infamously goldfish-like memory at work, or the fact that I'm in denial.


Whenever I admit to having an addiction to sugar, it was always accompanied with a sheepish laugh. Probably because I thought it was a ridiculous thing to be addicted to, and it shouldn't even be an issue. Apparently it is. :S

This article mentions things about this particular addiction, which aren't any different from those mentioned if you were talking about alcohol or cocaine. Again, scary.

Fortunately, I've gotten my self a Sugar Monitor. I am able to sway him sometimes to give me more leeway when it comes to chocolates, but he does this thing that makes me a little guilty about doing it. So we'll see how well this arrangement works out. :D

Wish me luck.

PS: If you want to know more about sugar addiction, A Look Inside Sugar Addiction is a good place to hang around.


Ratu Syura said...

I totally get what you mean. This week alone I stuffed myself with super yummy chocolate malt cake from Friday's and banana fritters with vanilla ice cream! And it's only Wednesday! Macam boleh mati oh kalau nda terasa anything sweet be it desserts, or drinks, or anything la! Ish!!

FBS Headmaster said...

Ahhhh Now only I get the answer! Thats why Zummy always super duper sweet without you even have to taste her to know that. Dang, Zummy your such a sweet girl ^^

I quote "I can tell that the world is a wonderful place with that sweet smile on your face"

Haha sa lupa nama tu lelaki yang flirt ko, who kept complimenting on you smile :D

Anonymous said...

Sugar addict? Good thing I'm not one though I'm seriously addicted to chocolate and icecream (baskin, haagen d & magnum) - in that case, I'm an INDIRECT sugar addict! :-)

Nessa said...

Oh, welcome to the club! :D I think it's pretty normal for a girl to have cravings for desserts and candies.

Now, I just have to have that chocolate cheese cake. Nanti mo pi singgah sana Berry's Cake house ni! :D

Haizum said...

@Syura: Kaaaan?? Yesterday, I tried. I really tried! But I couldn't resist that box of chocolates my sister gave meee!!!

@Daniel C: Sudahlah kau. :P

@Daniel G: I'm addicted to anything sweet! But chocolates I can't resist at all!

@Nessa: Mine aren't cravings. It's an addiction! *sob* *sigh*

emelda said...

Bubble gum kira addiction juga ka??LOL!! But i only get those craving once in a while ( hmm..thinking is it once in a while or always??)But i know i love bubble gums, sour strips, marshmallow and all those stuff..does that count as addiction? Inda juga sia membeli selalu tapi i have mood ni...kalau sudah sampai the mood..habis..sometimes sampai berbelas belas ringgit sia kerjakan beli those stuff..erk!