Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pressure Me This

After years of studying, you'd think that I would learn to actually do assignments well before the due date, instead of opting for late nights and stress all around.

I have tried, don't get me wrong. But the ones I start early are given up on halfway through. For no other reason but having too much time do it. I don't know if any of this makes sense to everybody else, but somehow with my genetic make-up, it works.

I'm guessing this reflects on my life in general. Having too much time on my hands makes me lethargic. In these instances, sometimes I'm too desperate for something to do, that I cook up things that get me into trouble.

1) I almost burnt my bathroom down once. I soaked cotton balls with nail polish remover and lit them on fire. I wanted to see what would happen with the alcohol (most nail polish removers have this as one of the ingredients, if not all) when burnt. I was 12.

2) I was lucky I didn't get shards of glass tearing through my flesh, when I was 10. They used to sell these firecrackers the size of a match, but really packed a punch. My cousin and I lit them up, put them inside glass bottles and stood around to watch as the bottles burst. We were standing not 10 feet away. Lucky ass.

3) I was bored one day (this happened when I was younger than 10 I think, I don't quite remember my exact age) and decided to rummage through my parents dresser drawers to see if I could find anything interesting. I found my dad's razor. I shaved my sideburns. I looked like an idiot. AND I sliced my index finger open. :D

These days, I don't get into so much physical trouble. Just the odd VERY late assignments. Canceled outings (cause I'd been spending too much time in front of my computer or in bed, that I'm just too lazy to get out of it when the time to go out comes by) and having my friends think I've gone hermit. Cutting class for the same reason. Splurging on books that are way out of my budget and having to eat bread for the next 3 weeks. :D

Ah well.

3 assignments due next week. 1 presentation on Monday.

Progress with any of them?


Ah. Pressure. Lovely. :)


Felicia F. Ramzi said...

Rummaging into mum's closet was interesting for me then. I'd find all sorts of dresses, put them on and wander around with heels. I was 8. *lol!

Anonymous said...

What an experience you had during your younger years. Anyway, I always think work is best done under pressure instead of having too much time to do it. All the best to get your assignments and presentation done in time! :-)

Unknown said...

Good luck on that! :) I'm pressured to find a good kindie for Buddy.. not the same type of pressure.. but pressure all the same. :P

Anonymous said...

Hopefully my kids don't turn out to be as "adventurous" as you are... :-P

Nick Phillips said...

I always leave my things to the very last minute to do. I just love working under extreme pressure. Crazy I know but I can't work any other way :D

Mas Light said...

OMG compy...*rofl..massy can't stop laffing about the 3rd experience XD

u shaved ur sideburns? @_@ omg hahahahah funny oh u *hugs

but I still love you

k h a t z y said...

sama lah. i tried doing my assignments the day i get them and it just didnt feel right.. macam lebih stress plak. some of my best works gets done hours before i hand them in =P



Brenda said...

It sounds like you have an ADHD brain ... one with a very fast "processor speed" that thrives on external stimuli. I bet you'll like jobs with tight deadlines better than long project management tasks after you graduate! Just a hunch!

Rozella said...

OMG! Scary lah you girl! Hehehe

Just relax and I'm sure all the great ideas will come and you'll get your assignments done in a jiff. *hugs* Good luck!