Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy 24th Me!

Ah well.

Another year, come and gone.

Another year older, but I'm not so sure I'm any the wiser.

Does being wise mean knowing the definite difference between right and wrong? Or realising that there are far more shades of gray between the two that would make a painter piss in his pants?

Why do all these seemingly unanswerable questions come to me whenever it's time for me to get used to writing a different number in my "age" column? Is it an unwritten rule somewhere that people have to ponder life's mysteries when their birthday is around?

Well, now that's out of the way.

Let me tell you how incredibly sad my birthday was. :)

Firstly, a few hours before it was officially my birthday, I got the feeling that I was going to be ill. Shivers. Stinging eyes. Weak.

So I went to bed at appallingly early 8.30pm. The fan was operating on "1" (you know that dial that you twiddle with to control the speed) and I was shivering. I think a bunch of people sent me text messages and called to wish me a happy birthday when the clock struck 12. But I was too out of it. Thankfully the fever broke sometime in the wee hours of the morning.

I do remember one phone call from a friend in India and he was quite surprised that I was asleep at that time. When I told him I was sick, his exact words were "On your birthday? That's pathetic!". So there you go. Wonderful start.

I'd planned on a birthday dinner a few day before. I was all giggly happy to see my friends. And then it started.

One cancelled.

And another.

And another.

And another.

And the last.


A birthday girl ponders what to do when her birthday dinner entourage is ZERO.

I'd already given up when my cousin called. So we went out for sushi. :D

How was YOUR 24th?


Mas Light said...

Awwww *hugs. Think about the elephants XD

Heck I dunno wut I'm talking about at this hour *rofl. Nvm, age is just a number, doesn't mean our brain need to be more mature XD weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Again, I'm lost to my own words hahahahhaha

Anonymous said...

Can't remember, my 24th was a million years ago. :-P

Happy Birthday!

Nick Phillips said...

Happy Birthday to you :D

I not too bothered with my age cos as far I'm concerned, I stopped aging when I was 21 ... LOL!

oh and shame to all those friends who canceled out on your birthday dinner ...

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

I've always been 21..*giggles!

Talk about 34th..opps, 24th birthday, mine was..hmm.. small. With my housemates, it has been a practice for them to buy me Secret Recipe cake..yumm.. took some vids..then smeared each other's faces with the cake...It was nice..

Asked my 23rd..i got thrown into a pool..yea..

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Haizum!

On my 24th, I was a new father (too young). I think I spent the day changing diapers.

Ratu Syura said...

omg omg omg!! i totally forgot your birthdayyy! so sorry babe~!! i blame it on no internet hence no fb hence no birthday updates! anyways, happy 24th! or nott.. :(

Asrizal said...

Everyone has their 'worst-birthday' list i'm sure and not to put you down but 'more will come' as you're still young but I assure you its nothing much to fret about as long as you look forward to the day after with positivity and energy! my worst was the of the list for sure..

Rozella said...

Happy birthday dearie!!!! :) Sorry lambat.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Haizum! big hugs... Enjoy being 24.. That was a long time ago for me.. Adooiii.. LOL

Nessa said...

Laa, termiss your birthday :(

Happy belated birthday ah :D Kesian ko... well, at least you had Sushi kan. I don't remember what I did during my 24th birthday. I never celebrate my birthday anyway...

Anonymous said...

Alamak!!! Happy belated Birthday dear!!!