Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hey people.

I'm at Starbucks so I'll be able to be online for a a bit, though I won't have much time cause I'm supposed to meet a friend for lunch in half an hour.

Man, I'm busier NOW during my vacation than when I had classes.

Daily schedule:

5:55am - Send niece to school.
9:15am - Send sister to shop.
9:30am - 1pm - Free time (which isn't exactly free since I have to do some research for my sister...)
1:15pm - Pick niece up from school.
1:35pm - Cook lunch for niece.
2pm - 8:30pm - Free time (Again, not so free... This is where I do errands around the house)
8:30pm - Pick sister up from shop.

I am adamant that I don't drive downtown after that. I make my friends pick me up. :D I mean come on! I'm driving around town the whole day, what with the ridiculous petrol prices bordering extortion, I DESERVE to get chauffeured around. :D

I might be able to blog a bit more while I do this thing for my sis, but we'll see. No promises. I thank everybody who still checks in once in awhile. :D I won't have time to blog hop though, so I apologize if you haven't seen me around spamming... err... commenting on your posts. :D



Nick Phillips said...

Gee, you sound way busier than me ... LOL!

fie the elf said...

you have to wake up so early =(

Anonymous said...

i guess you're the ultimate chauffeur (or should i say, perfect housewife)... haaha jk;B

Rozella said...

Hope your having tons of fun on yer hol :) Miss ya di sini tho... Hehehe

SheLa La La said...

hey...thats sound like my holiday too! doing things for the joyful of others...(err siblings..) take care
been awhile here

Mas Light said...

FYI, compy get to go out with me!!!! XD and i'm one of her chauffeur XD *rofl..well I dun mind as long I get to spend time with her, eventhough she lied to me about not joining the evil ppl who teases me >.> *roll eyes

Nessa said...

Don't worry, it's understandable being the designated driver :D

Anyway, can't wait till you're back spamming my comment box... hehehe

The World According To Me said...

Just dropping by to say hi!

That is one early start to the day. 5.55am?! Is there a 5.55am?!