Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Time Count : 25 Hours

That's how long I've been without sleep.

I pulled an all niter (okay, it probably wouldn't constitute as an all niter, since I woke up at 3am) for my paper yesterday. I'm happy to report that it went well. :D

I'd planned to take a nap once I got home, before cleaning up a bit and packing, but that didn't happen. I was too excited. :D As soon as I got home, I turned my laptop on and proceeded to tell anybody who would listen that I was free. And coming home. :D

It bothers me a little that I've gone this long without sleep, especially on my flight back. I know as soon as I get home, I'm going to scream at the top of my lungs to announce my arrival, and promptly fall asleep as soon as I step into my room. I'd be lucky if I made it up to my bed. (Did I tell you guys that I have one of those loft beds from Ikea? I don't think climbing up those steps is good for the health of someone in my position).

So here I am, in Coffee Bean, sipping my cup of tea (called Tropical Passion. It smells luscious. I definitely recommend). My brain was so numb that I actually couldn't order. All I said to the person at the counter was "I need tea. Hot. Surprise me." She looked a little panicky. I'm guessing that's something you just don't say to a barista. I don't know. I needed tea.

This is an embarrassment. I didn't charge my batteries. For my camera I mean. *sigh* Else you could see the craters under my eyes. I could use my phone but it wouldn't do any justice.

Okay. I'm going to surf.

If you don't see me the next few days, I'm probably making up for the lack of sleep. Wish me luck. :D


Nick Phillips said...

25 hours? I'd be walking grouch if I stayed awake that long ... LOL!

Well, get some rest and have a safe trip home.

Mas Light said...

YAY COMPY HOME! OMG u actually said dat? i mean u need tea all those? omg!

Anonymous said...

Haha..every uni student must have at least experience that 'days without sleep'. I have. Was going zombie for almost two days just preparing my final thesis proposal which fortunately paid off when I didn't flunk the paper. LOL!

Happy homecoming! :D

Rozella said...

Aiyoh... that's bad lah dear. Get as much as sleep as you can k? And after your done with that and all refresh... tolong put up the breast cancer tag that I have for you ya? Thanks! :)

P/S: It's great news... about you doing well at yer exams and all! :) *hugs* COngrats!

Anonymous said...

"Time Count : 25 hours... *yawn* That's how long I've been wit.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ"

I would imagine your post would be something like that instead. heh... By the time you read this, I bet you're very awake and kicking! ;-)

Anonymous said...

ok bah tht 25 hrs aint so bad..tee hee hee. Been awake longer, just ask panja. But don't do it too often. Sleeping/waking hours are somewhat turned 'upside-down' and thats gonna cause probs. ;]