Thursday, July 03, 2008

Isolation Vacation


Apparently, whenever I'm back home for a vacation, I tend to abandon any and all form of communication to the outside world.

The phone line has been taken care of for me though. Maxis is evidently going through... something that's keeping the lines here in Sabah (or then again, it might only be in here in Sandakan, I'm not sure about other places) well... sucky. No calls in or out. You're lucky if you get a text message through. So, yes, I have an excuse. If any of you have been trying to call me or leaving me messages, I'm not getting any of it.

And the Net. Ah, the Net. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with our connection here, but there seem to be a lot more stuff to do around here (even though most of the time I juggle between reading, watching tv and bugging my brother). I just don't feel the pathological urge to turn on my laptop all the time, as is the case when I'm in KL. I must be getting healthier here. :D

Speaking of bugs, the mosquitoes here are monsters I tell you. Literally, they're blood-sucking monsters. They're definitely on top of my Never-Have-Never-Will Miss Things About Home. And so many of them. Just yesterday, 3 of them were feeding happily away on my arm. AT THE SAME TIME. Geez.

It's getting to that time where I start feeling the heat (or the depression, rather) of returning to that black hole that's KL. God. Just a few minutes ago, my brother was here in my room, and out of nowhere I said "I don't want to go back there" and he burst out laughing. Crap. I can't spend my final days of vacation being depressed. HAPPY. That's what we should be. :D

Anyhow, my sister just came back from the office and she mentioned Milo Fuzz. Yum. :D Bye folks!


Mas Light said...

compy T_T i miss compy *cries...wuah...put mopiko man..dun say my house oso blood sucking mosquito vampires... @_@

well i hope u get here soon. XD miss u compy!

Rozella said...

I hate those blood suckers!

Anonymous said...

I had 10 mosquitoes at one time feeding happily on my leg once. Managed to smack 6/10. Not a beautiful sight...

Anyway, was good to see you in KK. :-D