Monday, May 12, 2008

Call Me Miss Anti-Social

"We were wondering if you were still alive".

That's the first thing Dede said as she saw me come out of my room last night.

Not surprising, really, considering they haven't seen me since Friday. :D

Been doing the hermit thing again. I needed the solitude. I've got no energy (or want) for all the niceties involved when socializing. Even if it is with my housemates. I know, I know. Not very nice at all. But sometimes I need to be alone.

I've noticed I'm usually like this in the few weeks before I leave for and after I've left home. I don't know if there's any significance. Maybe it's cause I'm either depressed I'm not already there that I just left it again. Can anybody say "YOU BABY!!!" ? Yeah, well, that's me. :) Let us all pray that I don't marry a foreigner that wants me to move halfway around the world with him. I'd either have to convince my whole family to shift with me, or I make his life utterly miserable, pining for home all the time.

A good thing about keeping myself cooped up in my room (of course, with me, there's ALWAYS a brighter side of things :D) is that I get to read or watch movies all I want! Like yesterday, I watched PS I Love You, happily bawling my eyes out (oxymoronic, I know, but that's what it was). Yeah yeah, I'm probably the last person in the world to have watched it (since it came out a million years ago). But who cares. It was a cleansing experience. For my eyes at least. :P

I've also watched Bleach (episodes 110 - 169). In 3 days. Yes people. 3 days. It's a wonder that my eyes haven't fizzled and popped, considering the amount of time I've spent in front of this monitor the past week. :D I sort of feel like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes when it's Saturday. All he does is eats his cereal and watch tv all day. Hurrah for Calvin!

I also have been able to blog hop a LOT lately. It's a little discouraging to see that they all have something intelligent to say, whereas I, mostly gripe about the things that aren't right in my life. :) Let's just call me Ms. Griper shall we? (Read that correctly: grIper, not grOper.) It is either vanity, or the fact that I don't know much about anything to talk about it intelligently. *chuckles*

*sigh* Well. It's off to the movies again. And when I saw that, I mean my butt is still going to be firmly planted on this seat, while my nimble little fingers click on Watch-Movies.Net :P


fie the elf said...

Welllll I haven't watched the movie at all. Just the book (PS I love You).

Mas Light said...

I love PS I love you!!!! Dun worry compy, I watched it like last week hahahahaha...I uber super duper love it! Yes, I cry till mata membengkak! Yahhhhhhhh, I'm a cry baby! But it's so lomantic! XD

Rozella said...

Don't worry. I don't have anything clever or interesting to blog about nowadays either :( I haven't seen the movie yet, but I think I should real soon. Me needs a good cwy! Hehehe

D.Marcus said...

I need that piece of solitude right now.

LxndreaSB said...

i know how u feel. im feeling like that now.

Anonymous said...

You are Miss Anti Social.. :P

Dont worry about it la.. Sometimes I feel like a stranger in my own house so there's no use tryna hang out if it feels forced. Im in my room 23/7! Unless it's a weekend.

Haizum said...

@Fie: I was gonna read the book first, but I didn't have anything else better to do. :P

@Massy: *sigh* Isn't it? And Gerard Butler's such a hunk.

@Rozie: Oh come off it. You always have interesting stuff to say. :P

@Daniel: Then you should take it. No time like the present they say. :D

@Lxandresb: Aww. I hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

@Syura: That sounds exactly like me these days! *chuckles* I'd only go out to watch tv, but since our tv's busted *shrugs*.