Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm Miserable

Midnight rants like these rarely make sense, so I won't even try to. I have decided to just let things flow from my brain out my fingertips and onto the keyboard. I wouldn't be surprised if any of you get cross eyed reading this, because judging from the blurriness of my vision, that's exactly what condition my eyes are in.

These days I don't think I'm enjoying stuff as much as I should be. I'm always excited about what I'm "going to do next" and when I get there, I'm already excited about the next thing after that, which is to say I'm not totally absorbing the experience. *sigh* I really need to be home.

I'm sick of a certain government organization screwing up their job, which in turn means I might be screwed. If this prolongs my stint in college, I swear they will have boils on their asses for generations to come.

I fear that I'm turning into a hermit. I'm already borderline, I think. I spent the whole day in my room today. Reading. I enjoy it, don't get me wrong. But some people might think differently. I can fool myself into believing that in this little room, I'm home. Once I step outside, it's glaringly obvious that I'm not. :( My brothers and sisters aren't here for me to bother. My nenek (grandmother) is not there for me to bug. There isn't readily available food on the table. I don't even HAVE a table here! *SOB* A measly little coffee table set in front of a tv that doesn't work.

Why the hell didn't they set up my exams closer together? No, they had to make me suffer. I have 2 whole weeks right in the middle of my 2 papers. How cruel is that? I would've been home a lot earlier if not for those sadistic evil minions in the exam department.

I seem to always want to take it out on the world whenever I can't sleep. Is there a condition that explain this? Maybe. They have conditions explaining an attachment to cellphones, so why not this.


I'm going crazy. Lack of sleep is making me babble like a nervous teenager facing her crush for the first time.

Well I envy you, teenager. I bet you sleep a lot more easily than I do.

Maybe apple pie will help. But not at this hour.



Nick Phillips said...

LOL! I've never heard of ANY government organization that doesn't screw up anything!

Hope you get whatever it is settled soon.

Mas Light said...

awww u poor thing..

if it makes u feel any better, u successfully make me suffer with u T_T woo woo~ i wan compy to be home. T_T yeah they jeles tu, dat's why they sengaja set the date so far apart T_T

i'm making it worst aren't i? ogie, reverse, hmmm YOU'LL BE HOME!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

sounded like me back when i was in Uni, only i enjoyed the gaps. papers were terribly difficult and sleeping is not an option. Ops, im not helping either am i? ok ok tak..hmm why not u go watch movie marathon..or korean series just to kill time? i tell u, sekali dah hook, u wont think about exams or home anymore..okay?? best of luck for your paper girl..(",)