Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rest In Peace

I would like to ask all of you to take a moment of silence with me.

*a moment of silence*

I didn't even notice until my friend told me, when I got back from dinner with a couple of other friends.

It's such a sad thing. The house will be quiet.

Our TV died.


We don't really watch tv. It's usually on either when we're cooking (somehow everybody in this house just needs some sort of noise while we're in the kitchen) or during dinner.

Now I don't know much about electronics, so I don't know if we can fix him up. What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

i can! i can!

im having trouble with blogspot lah. grrr

D.Marcus said...

I though you're supposed to bury dead things? Not repair it?

Unknown said...

I know how you feel, acom!! our living room has not yet filled the void that our tv has left us with! Yes, there's a tv in mom's room but it's always a fight between tom and jerry and American Idol. Unfortunately, Idol gives way - instead of Idol gives back. LOL! RIP dear TV.

Ratu Syura said...

It just died on you guys just like that?? Alaa kesiann.. Maybe it was getting really old.. :(

Tanakwagu said...

tv die? buy another one crystal bright punya he :)

if you know my area is always black out, no wonder my tv an pc always going damage :(

ramok dot info

Rozella said...

OMG!! I so terkejut! I ingat sepa yg passed away. Hehehe But it does suck that ur tv is gone :( Rest in peace!

Haizum said...

@Fie: Niiice! This weekend then. *thumbs up*

@Daniel: I'm hopeful the tv repair guy can do a Frankenstein. :(

@Shemah: *sigh* Last night pun we all lepak in the living room, so quiet ni. Everybody was just staring at the tv for a few seconds before we started talking *chuckles*.

@Syura: Yeah. :(

@Tanakwagu: Don't have money la to get new tv. :P

@Rozie: That was the idea. *chuckles*

Rafiq Abdul Rahim said...

ala, kesian! i have a tv I've always wanted to sell. 19" can nego price, with remote control! (hehe)..interested?

Anonymous said...

Poor tv. Hope you get it fixed! :-) I'll always need one at home. To watch when i'm bored and just to listen to mtv or sumtin when doing house chores.

Mas Light said...

omg lol...

u must be dead bored without a tv. dun worry, ada internet ada computer, can watch online weeeeeeee XD

Nessa said...

For a while there I thot siapa yang passed away... takajutt!! My condolence on the passing of your TV. Err, get a new one? Don't be a rat trying to fix a 'labu'... ;D

Nick Phillips said...

LOL! I thot just who the heck died. And to hell with the TV, there's always blogging ... LOL!