Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tagged Again : Hotties and Music

I might have opened a floodgate to all these tags coming my way when I announced that I liked them. :S Which I do, but the rate I'm getting them these days! I'm gonna work on them 2 at a time so I finish them faster. :D

Alright the first one, I got from Sheel. This requires me to pick 5 people who I think are hotties, so here I go.

Hottie #5 Takeshi Kaneshiro

I remember the first time I saw him was in the Hong Kong
movie "Mermaid Got Married". He was hot then, and he's
still hot now. :D

Hottie #4 Daniel Henney

This British-Korean actor/model got me going gaga when I saw
him in the Korean movie "Seducing Mr. Perfect".

Hottie #3 Dennis O'Neil

He sort of mumbles when he's talking, but that kinda
adds to the appeal.

Hottie #2 James McAvoy

I saw him in Atonement, and I though his performance was
riveting. Then I saw him on the Craig Ferguson show.
He was funny. So he was that much more hotter.

Hottie #1 Gerard Butler

I'd seen him in a few other movies and thought he looked good.
But seeing him clad in nothing but a red cape and leather undies
(what DO you call those?)... well... what else can I say?

So those are my 5 hotties. I just filled a whole bucket with my drool right then. :P

Now onto Rozie's Music Tag

1. On a scale of 1-10, how big of a music fan are you?

A: 9.5.

2. What music genre do you listen to the most?

A: Probably RnB and the Malaysian indie scene.

3. What is the first album you’ve ever owned?

A: I don't even remember. 0_0

4. Did you use to have posters of your favorite singers up on your bedroom wall when you were younger? If yes, who?

A: No, but I had a scrapbook filled with them. :D

5. Do you have any music related posters up on your wall now?

A: Nope. Just Post-its.

6. Have you ever made a mix tape for anybody?

A: No, but I made a song list recently for a friend to find.

7. Who is the best artist(s) that you’ve seen live?

A: It should have been John Legend!!! *sigh* But, since I didn't, I would go for local musicians like Melina William from Tempered Mental. She's crazy on that bass. Good singer too.

8. Name 5 artists that you want to see live.

A: Shoshana Bean, Idina Menzel, Jake Simpson, Michael Jackson (I don't care what you say people, he still rocks!), John Legend, Aretha Franklin, Straight No Chaser (though they aren't really artists...), NKOTB (since they've reunited and all *wink*), Eric Benet and.. Oh... 5 you say? Well, take your pick.

9. What song always manages to pick you up when you’re feeling down?

A: The ending theme for Rurouni Kenshin, "It's Gonna Rain".

10. Name 3 of the most romantic songs.

A: "Spend My Life With You" by Eric Benet and Tamia, "Because Of You" by Keith Sweat and "Whenever Wherever Whatever" by Maxwell.

11. What is the best breakup song?

A: "Penggalan Kisah Lama" by Laluna.

12. What is your favorite album?
A: Oh man, I don't know. 0_0 Too many are flitting through my mind right now, and I can't grab a hold of one.

13. What is your fondest memory when it comes to music?

A: Throughout high school years, definitely, cause there would alway be some event to sing on-stage for. Be it choir, or with my singing group, or just solo. It was always fun. And mostly cause it meant we skip class to practice :P.

14. Bonus question for the ladies only (well, unless you men want to answer this :P): Who would you rather do? Spike from 911 or Ike from Hanson? (Haha Shemah knows where my inspiration is coming from!)

A: Okay, just so you know, I just googled both of them just to see what they look like now, and I choose Isaac. *laughs* I wouldn't have "done" either of them back in the day, but I think Isaac looks a lot better now than he did. And he definitely looks a lot better than Spike these days as well. So Isaac gets my vote.

Now to see who I want to tag.

Hottie Tag : Rozie, Syura, Shemah and (just to get a guy's point of view) Rafiq.
Music Tag: Sheel, Massy.


Rozella said...

Thanks for doing the tag sweetie!! I'll get yours done soon. Pick hotties? Aduh! You tagged the right girl! Hahaha This is gonna be fun!!!

Btw, I so agree with you. I don't care what anyone says. Michael Jackson rocks! He is like the king and no one could ever take his place.

Mas Light said...

I'll do this tomolo..ko tunggu jak XD

Ratu Syura said...

Ooooh, sweet!!! I'm gonna love this tag.. but it's not easyyyy pun!! So many hotties out theree... macamana mau pilih niiii... Isn't Daniel Henney in Astro this month about that guy looking for his father? That's him right?? And Takeshi is the ultimate!!! Hotttttttttt gilakkkkk!!!!

Ratu Syura said...

Btw, I kinda already made a similar post.. you can read it here.

Soooo.. can u just refer to thattt.. orrr... do i gots ta make a new one?? Hmmmm... cepat jawab!!

Unknown said...

wowweeeee!! we're gonna see a whole hunkfest going on around here. Major drool session!! I like!!

But you and Syura have taken my main hottiesssssss!! Now it's gonna be harder for me.. Oh well, just you wait and see!! LOL!