Monday, April 14, 2008

Hate & Love

Have you ever hated a song so deeply, but hear a cover done by some other artist and liked it so much that you can't stop listening to it? I'd try so hard not to, cause I resent the fact that I'm listening to a song that I previously would avoid at all costs. But then... I cave anyhow, cause it sounds really good sung by someone else. :D

I've discovered a couple of those recently.

I Hate: Umbrella by Rihanna.
I Love: Umbrella by Vanilla Sky. (You guys should check this one, cause the video is hilarious!)

I Hate: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis.
I Love: Bleeding Love by Jamie Scott & The Town.

Have you ever had one of these? :D Tell me, tell me!


Unknown said...

No.. haven't heard of 'em yet.. I'll go check it out soon!! :)

Rozella said...

Britney! I can't remember the name of the band that did a cover of her song..tapi hmmm kinda catchy pula! Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hey, we share the same opinion about the Umbrella song. Hahahha

In Malaysia, I hate those new artistes that 'give new touch' to old song. It will never be interesting.

Fahriee said...

Ahh, yes. Vanilla Sky..I love that version! Has a pop punk feel to it..right? xD

Ratu Syura said...

Can't seem to think of any, but I know what you mean! There's one old song that Juice nyanyi balik; If tomorrow never comes. and it's superb. Westlife, Ronan Keating semua nyanyi buruk. Country habis. Well, cuz it's originally country.. :P

Mas Light said...

i'll check em out later XD

but yeah i hate those songs u mentioned XD

Anonymous said...

I just can't stand Umbrella and refuse to listen to that cover. Eliminates every possibility of ever liking it.