Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Holed Up

I have to stop this habit of holing up in my room whenever I have new books to read! (The Picture Of Dorian Grey, Fevre Dream, and Broken For You) It's so anti-social.

But whenever I'm not reading said book, I get preoccupied thinking about it, so I sometimes phase out when I'm in a conversation. Rude, I know, but I try my best to pay attention to what people say, under normal circumstances. I realize this happens, which is why I try to finish a book before I'm around and about socializing. :D

And the fact that I found another anime series (Battle Programmer Shirase) that I'm really enjoying isn't helping either. *sigh* I swear, I'm a borderline hermit. If I could feed myself intravenously and have my excrements... err... excreted in a similar fashion (I'm sure they have names for these, but for the life of me, I don't know. If you do, tell me), I probably wouldn't leave the room at all. *chuckle*

Nah, too dramatic. We all need our time alone. Mine just happen to be centered around the time I get books. Seriously, I'd go bonkers if I didn't go anywhere at all.


Rozella said...

This post sounds as if you're talking about me! Hehehe Sometimes I get so caught up in a book that if I seriously cannot tahan kencing, I bring to the bathroom with me too! Hahaha It's crazy, but no. I am not one of those regular baca newspaper everyday while doing number 2 kinda people :P Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Ever since I learn the word 'blog' and 'blogging'...reading books is just when I am on the waiting mode i.e. waiting for my queue in the hospital, waiting for my husband frm work, waiting for my students to come for extra classes and even when I was waiting for my turn to cast my vote during the recent election. *tongue out*

Never really shut myself in a room to just finish a book. :D

Mas Light said...

Lucky for me, I seldom read books, but if I'm thinking of something, like if I did no finish an anime I was watching, I'll phase out hahahahahah XD terus jadi blur...I'm actually on thinking mode but yeah, some ppl tend to notice when I'm blur hahahahah XD

Nick Phillips said...

I love reading and I can relate to this post. I can get totally consumed in a book that I read that I'd just want to sit there and finish the whole book. Wifey says I read too slow but I tend to think of it as savouring every single alphabet ... LOL!

Anonymous said...

I used to read one whole book before I decided to do other things.

Now, I'll just put a bookmark there, and read it next time.

I love the time when I give full concentration to read and trying to 'follow' the story.

Haizum said...

@Rozie: *laughs* I know what you mean!

@Carol: Ooh. Then let me tell you now, that being a bookworm is no easy feat!

@Massy: *chuckles* Then it's a double whammy for me, cause I hole myself up for both books AND anime!

@Nick: I'm a pretty fast reader, though I try to pace myself. But I can't help it! Sometimes even if I'm not reading it, just knowing the book is with me is a comfort.

@Saiful: Sometimes I have to stop, when I go to class or whatever, but like I said, I phase out sometimes, thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Book away! Hmm... Now i'm curious. Do you kinda have a mini library going on there? :-)

fie the elf said...

ohh the dorian grey yg si iban was talking abt.

im still doing murakami's the elephant vanishes.

oh and i want iban's reading allowance of 400 bucks! =P

Anonymous said...

Just reading your post makes me wanna go back to the book reading mode. :P

I shall buy new books next week! (I mean, tomorrow)