Monday, March 24, 2008

Shiny Red (Kissed) Galoshes

Ever had the feeling that everything in your chest cavity would jump out of your throat as you cough? Yeah, I'm having one of those days.



And being me, I go on the net and look for reasons why we cough. It doesn't make me any better, physically, but it eases my mind knowing I don't have a chestburster in me.

Speaking of searching, I have a friend who finds it funny that I go on the net and search for everything. Like how to make caramel. Or the meaning of the word "metathesis". I, on the other hand, think that it is an absolutely natural thing to search for stuff on the net. Why? Just cause I can! I mean it's right there! It's convenient! An informational 7-Eleven is what it is.

Considering the weather the past week, I sure hope it isn't going to rain on my way to college. Or back. I hate getting my feet wet. Everything becomes squishy, especially between my toes. Not comfortable. At all. Which got me searching (again), and found these!

Funky eh? I wouldn't mind walking around in the rain with these. :D


Anonymous said...

Eeee.. me likey those boots!! Ko niii, bikin aku mau cari di ebay saja ni tauu! Ndak pa la.. tahan.. tahan..

LxndreaSB said...

hi there.. first time here. saw ur name in some of the blogs im reading. so finally decided to visit u.
catch up with you on cyberspace!