Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sleep Deprived

This whole irregular sleep thing is not working for me (duh).

It's giving me all sorts of problems. I'm guessing I'm sick due to the fact that I've been sleeping poorly. It's also stressing my body out. Just last month my period (bear with me, boys) was late for 2 weeks, which really freaked me out cause you can usually set your calendar by me. *sigh*

And here I am, close to 5 am, blogging.

I need my slept. I want my sleep. I love my sleep. *sigh*

I suppose I will have to sacrifice a day in which I don't sleep at all, to make myself so ridiculously tired that I fall asleep by the time it's 11pm (which, you have to admit, is pretty early for a night bug like me). Maybe then I'll get my sleep time sorted out.

It's either that, or get sleeping tablets. :S


Nick Phillips said...

Ahh, Sleep. I have no problems whatsoever with sleep :D I can sleep any time of the day even ... LOL!

Hope you do get that much needed sleep soon or you're probably gonna look like a raccoon or something soon ... LOL!

Anonymous said...

Have u tried the sheep counting? *cricket sound* Ok..lame advice. I know.

Bah hope you get your much needed sleep.

Rozella said...

Hmm..I have the same prob too. Find a way to just blank your mind from all thoughts. It's kinda rough to figure out how to do it at 1st, but that really is the only thing that helps me.

Good luck!

Haizum said...

@Nick: Argh! Lucky you! And I'm already half-racoon, if not more. *sigh*

@CheguCarol: *laughs* I don't think counting sheep actually works. At least not for me. I tried that long ago. I am sleeping a couple of hours earlier than usual. So maybe in a few more days (or maybe weeks, who knows).

@Rozella: :S But wouldn't figuring out how to blank my mind mean that my mind would be filled with thoughts? *sigh* Damned if I do, damned if I don't.