Sunday, March 23, 2008

2fold hurt

in my last post i mentioned waking up with a mildly sore throat. i was a little worried that it might turn full-fledged. apparently it's not only what u wish for that you have to be careful about, but also what you worry about. sigh.

as it was, i couldnt get out of bed cause my whole body hurt, and i was getting hot and cold flashes in turns. i had to cancel going out with a friend to stay in bed all day to sweat it out.

by 7 i was already feeling better, but i still had to put on a sweater over my clothes, cause i still felt a little chilly.

that wasnt the whole of it.

because i didnt want to risk getting more ill than i already was, i decided to boil some water so i could have a warm bath. i dont have a heater in my bathroom, cause i always use cold water anyhow.

as i was pouring the hot water into a bucket, genius that i am, i opened the lid of the kettle, and steam wafted out, right onto the fingers of my right hand.

let me tell you, it hurts like a bitch.

so i did the things you would normally when scalded - besides waving my hand around and screaming ow ow ow! - like putting it under running water and all. i went online to look for things that you can do to take the sting off and all the sites i checked out swear by the aloe plant. heres a good one.

i dont know if you noticed that this post is missing my usual punctuation marks and capitals. thats because im only typing with my left hand. my right is covered in gooey aloe goodness it does take the sting off somewhat but not totally. at least its not as excrutiating. i suppose the trick is to use it immediately. oh well.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! I know how that hurts!! Hope it gets better soon. Aloe is good for this!

Ratu Syura said...

Ala kesiannn... As much as I'd like to seem smart, I don't have any good remedies up my sleeve. Btw, I like the layout.. Sexually frustrated??? Hmmm.. mine's purple tooo... :|

Haizum said...

@Cindy: Ooh it's much better! It doesn't sting at all now! Praise aloe!

@Syura: No worries. And thank you! About the colour being associated with sexual frustration... I don't know. Another friend said it's when you're trying to send out an I'm-ready-come-and-get-me signal. Who knows. It's a pretty colour. :D

Mas Light said...

O.O compy!!!!! NOooooooooooooo =_=" r u ogie now? >.<

Nick Phillips said...

Adui, I know how that hurts. I've scalded my hand so many times I think I'm immune to it already ... LOL!

Hope your hand get well soon though ...

SheLa La La said...

you're back.. like ur layouts... hehe

Haizum said...

@Massy: *hugs* I'm fine now sweetie.

@Nick: Immune? *chuckles* Oh if only! My hand IS better already, thanks. :D

@Sheel: I am! Thanks. :D