Wednesday, February 06, 2008

East meets West.

Well hello there!

I would like to share with you, a beautiful story, one that epitomizes the whole "Ebony and Ivory" shebang.

Meet Theodore Wilhelm Muthusamy (in white) and Carlos Fernando Chin (in black).

Teddy has been in the family for years. In fact, he was passed down from my sister Nurul, to my brother Hadibi and sister Salha, and now, he lives with me.

Fernie is a new addition to the family, only a few days ago we brought him into our home. :D And tonight, we put him to the test. How did he fare? Let us see.

(Thanks to Dede and Sabrina for taking the pics!)

Teddy looking as Fernie does his magic.

Everybody knows that baking takes time. So while that little bit of heaven was in the oven, we decided to make use of Dede's Yee Sang, the one she got from her office a few days ago.

We didn't have a plate big enough to hold all the ingredients, so we improvised a little.

Sabrina a little stressed, trying to figure out what goes where.

And here's how it turned out!

Our wishes?

1) More happiness!
2) More money!

and more importantly

3) Lose weight!

I think we may have spoken too early, especially where that last one was concerned, cause right after we were done with the Yee Sang, our cake was done, and we had to decorate!

The result?

A little blurry, sorry. I was too excited to adjust the focus!

Dripping with sweet chocolaty goodness!


Not only does it look lovely, it tastes even better!

All thanks to Fernie! *hugs Fernie* Don't fret though Teddy, I'm sure we'll find something to nuke very soon!


Edgar said...

ha? the 3rd wish memang susah to achieve with the chocobanana showing.

Anonymous said...


Nessa said...

Haha... Yee Sang in a wok! How unique :D

I need to get a partner for my microwave oven... yours looked 'cute' standing side by side! Hehe

Anonymous said...

adededehhh.... baru mau diet and lose weight.. how la this.. i think i'll go down to get some ice cream.. kempunan aku tgk ur pics.. keke...