Wednesday, February 06, 2008

So Slow by Freestyle

Hey people. I recorded a song earlier called So Slow, by a Filipino band called Freestyle. I thought it sounded okay, let me know what you think. :)

I didn't play the guitar though. Credit's go to m1k33qu1nto in I just recorded over it. :D

On a funnier note, a friend of mine sent me an IM on MSN earlier, asking for a favor. He wanted me to send a text message to my brother saying he couldn't reply to his SMS cause he ran out of credit. So I did, and my brother replied saying "Oh kau pula yang balas (Hey, you're replying instead). What're you doing?", to which I said "I'm recording a song".

There was nothing wrong with my reply, except for the fact that I typed it on my laptop, sending it to my friend on MSN. *laughs* It must be all these late nights. :P


Mas Light said...

*rofl on the mix up..anyways, nice! the song, i like, the only problem is the music sound a bit too pitchy.. @_@ it's like one hit to my head every single beat. and tenggelam ur voice sikit. but i liked it *thumbs~

Nick Phillips said...

Yeah, sounds like you've been having a wee bit too many late nights ... LOL!

Eudora said...

Hey dat's one of my favourite Filipino song! Ang ganda talaga ng voices mo pare! As always Heehe....Siempre naman! :)