Sunday, January 20, 2008


Any day now, I'm going to fully turn into a raccoon.

At least, by the looks of the dark circles under my eyes, it should be any day now.


It forces me to take an extra 10 minutes everyday to dab concealer under my eyes before going out. Yes, for the same of vanity, I DO cut my sleep time 10 minutes short. (Sometimes when I feel that I can't, I opt to be a little late for class...)

I KNOW I should be sleeping more regularly (I've been known to push my sleeping time up to 3 or 4am just because I want to finish reading a book, or just because I want to). I probably should be eating stuff that are a lot healthier than what's on my daily menu too.

One thing at a time though. Addressing a problem head on isn't as easy as some people make it sound.

If any of you also have this problem, you might find this article that I found on the net a little helpful.


jf said...

Racoon? I thought panda... LOL!

Cant seem to write lately...

Anonymous said...

alaa kesian.. im also having the same prob... you be the racoon and i be the panda! hehe.. thanks for the article! will check it out!

Nick Phillips said...

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I used to be like you but these days I'm more liable to fall asleep halfway through a movie on the couch ...

Gone are the days when I could sleep as late or rather as early as 3-4am. Sighhh, how I miss my youth!

Nessa said...

Eh, why don't you sport the gothic look? Is it still in style?

You should sleep earlier. I'd always get headaches whenever I sleep later than 1.00am.

Haizum said...

@Josh: Aww, maybe you need a little rest. I mean, what've you got, a gazillion songs already? :P

@Syura: No problem! We should take picture sometime! The Raccoon and The Panda. We'll be the cutest things ever!

@Nick: *laughs* I wouldn't mind nodding off on the couch anytime, these days.

@Nessa: *laughs* Anything is in style these days. And I SHOULD sleep earlier. *sigh*

Dazeree Joan said...

i try my best to sleep before 12am. i've this problem too. especially when i'm drained out.