Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gold is Good

Apparently, I'm in gold season this time around. :D

I just came back from Amcorp Mall (By the way Nessa, the bookstore is called Book Access - It's spelt a different way though, I've forgotten how), and I stopped by this little accessory store (I have no idea what it's called either). They had this "5 pairs for RM10" promotion.

All the 5 I bought were gold.

Next on the list?

Yes. 4 inch pumps. I saw a similar pair in Nose a few months ago, but... Well... You know how it is, student's budget and all. :P Who knows, they might put it on sale for Chinese New Year. *fingers crossed*

Anyhow, I'm going to do something useful with myself and jog. That's right, people, you read right.

Acom. Is. Exercising!


If I get through a week of this, I might just have what it takes to stick to it. :D Wish me luck!


Mas Light said...

work it acom work it..gahhhh i need to jog...i'm turning all lazy again

Dazeree Joan said...

i flex my joints when the server is slow.:) good enuf 4 me.

Haizum said...

@Massy: Yeah! Let's all sexercise! I mean.. Exercise!!

@Dazeree: *laughs* It used to be, for me too. But having only 2 days a week of classes sort of makes it seem rather... inadequate.

Sir George said...

OK bah!! sia support ko

Anonymous said...

i love the pumps!! my nephew said it's soooo niceeee! haha.. btw, i'm doing taebo!! really good exercise!!

Nessa said...

OK, I'll be checking it out the next time I go to Amcorp.

Wow! 5 for RM10? For real?? Have to keep an eye for that store too... hehe

I'm a real cheapskate when it comes to shoes. Anything more than RM50 is a no-no for me! LOL.

Haizum said...

@SirGeorge: Thank you thank you!

@Syura: Nice kaaan?? Hu hu, your nephew has good taste! *wink* So sioook!!! Where do you take your classes?

@Nessa: *laughs* Normally, anything beyond RM30 is a no no for me, but when it comes to heels... *sigh*... I have a weakness.

Anonymous said...

i just download the taebo vids. taebo boot camp can really get your heart pumping! best!