Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Got Tagged

Alright, folks, here we go.

  1. I love to eat: . (Ha ha, get it?)
  2. I hate to eat: petai. (Stink beans [Whoa, they're actually called that!] or twisted cluster beans.)
  3. I love to go on: leisurely drives to nowhere. I MUST be the passenger though. :D
  4. I hate to go on: car rides with people who drive like maniacs.
  5. I love it when: I get to hang out and shisha.
  6. I hate it when: I have to leave home when everybody else is still there.
  7. I love to see: people laughing.
  8. I hate to see: people who handle books the wrong way.
  9. I love to hear: good music, especially soul.
  10. I hate to hear: what my mom would say if she knew I skipped classes. :D
And there it is! Thanks to Syura for the tag. Not too heavy on the brain, just right for a public holiday. :D

I'm not tagging anybody (except for you Massy, I'm tagging you), but feel free. :D


Nick Phillips said...

Ughh PETAI! I think they should classify that as some dangerous substance or something like that. I absolutely despise the stuff!!!

Mas Light said...

*speechless..only me? how could dat be fair? :P

CJane said...

I hate petai too!!! There's this restaurant nearby my place who serves very yummy ikan bilis masak sambal (and I love it so much) but the bad thing is.. it comes with PETAI! Cis.