Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Need Help

Okay, I go through with this post at the risk of sounding ditzy, but, what the heck. :D

So here goes.

I own a MotoRIZR Z3. It's a nice phone. Not too bulky. Capable of calls and texts and whatnots. But, as of tonight, it is NOT - and I say this forcefully, people - NOT capable of being charged. I swear. My computer can't recognize it either. And, this funny little thing happens. When it's turned off, and I plug the charger in, it turns itself on. A mind of it's own, my phone does have.

So, this has never happened to me before, and it's got me feeling a little panicky. What does one do when something like this happens?

I bought it about 4 months ago, and *looks at the terms in the warranty car* yes, it is still within the time limit. So, again, what should I do?

Do I pop over to the place I bought it from, hand over my freakishly *ahem* defected phone, accompanied by the ever so innocent looking warranty card? And when I do, what then should I expect?

I suppose I will be phone-less, for a bit, won't I? That doesn't matter, I'm not really a phone person anyhow. BUT, what if I need to call my Ummi? Or what if some guy wants to bring me out on a date and chat me up? *sob* Will this incident forever maim my chance at a normal life?

Oh, so I'm a drama queen, so what? :P

But seriously folks, if you can answer these questions for me, please do. Much obliged.


Nick Phillips said...

I would have thot it would be the charger bu then you say even your PC is not recognizing it, maybe they had a fight or something? LOL! Just kidding.

Try changing the charger first. I'm using a Motorola too, though not as fancy schmancy as yours but there was a time when I could get it to connect to my PC either. Found out it was the cables. So I got myself a bluetooth adapter and it works fine.

My first bets would be the charger. Beyond that I'm not too sure. Hope that helps ...

CJane said...

Do you have other old phone maybe? Use it first lah.. hahaha.

Hey, at least your phone is newer than mine. Mine is about a year old already.. LOL!

Nessa said...

My HP is still the old Alcatel with blue LED screen! Too sad to part with it but I want a new one with color, can MMS, can hear radio, take pictures, etc...