Monday, January 14, 2008

Ignorance Is Bliss


Tomorrow will be the first time I step into college since my vacation started 2 months ago. I swear this feeling of utter depression is debilitating! Argh!

All I've done since I came back here to KL is read. Reading takes me away to another place anyhow, neither here or back home, but at least, I can be free of anything that's bothering me. The only problem is, I tend to devour the books. My reading pace is a little above average, so that leaves me with no books at all to read at the end of the day (literally). I've already finished 2 books over the weekend, and I'm halfway into my third. And I'm STILL depressed! This means another trip to the bookstore sometime during the week. My personal favorite? This little bookstore in Amcorp Mall called.... I can't remember what it's called really. Was it Access? I remember the sign being orange, with white fonts. :) You get brand new books from bestsellers and even unknowns (Well.. unknown to me, at least), for very low prices! Plus, the people manning the store are really friendly and personal, not like those who usually work at the mega bookstores (Although, there was one person at Borders who was extremely nice and helpful :D).

If you hadn't noticed, I'm rambling.


I'm trying to see if I ignore the fact that I need to go to college tomorrow morning, it will, in fact, go away.

I don't think so.


So what's a girl to do?

I would say, shop my heart out, but then I don't exactly have unlimited credit. If only. I need to get rich people!

I suppose the feeling will wear off soon enough, as it always does, but until that time comes, I will wallow wholeheartedly.

For those of you in KK, know that at this time that I bear a grudge against you all (:P) for the simple reason that YOU ARE IN KK. There. It's all out. I feel a teeny bit better. :D

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Nessa said...

I've been to Amcorp Mall a few times. The only bookshop I know is PayLess... and Popular Bookstore. Have to find that store with the orange sign.

I'm an impatient reader! Once I start, I want to know the ending :D

I just bought a book from MPH on Sunday... I finished reading it this afternoon :(

Hmmm... need to get rich? Well, you could always eye the rich boys and marry them! LOL