Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blog : Interrupted

Argh! I can't blog as much as I want to here in KK. Firstly cause my sister doesn't have internet connection at her place. Secondly, even though I CAN log in while I'm here in her store, there are usually too many people around for me to blog. I'm always interrupted. and we know that we absolutely cannot be interrupted while posting something. It messes with the the whole blogmojo. :P

So, hopefully, when the store has stabilised a lil (yes, it just opened a week ago) I'll be able to leech the connection here. :D

Speaking of the store, let me just do a little shameless promoting here.

For those of you who want to get new shoes for work, sport, leisure, head on over to Jukebox in KK Plaza, Ground Floor. Some of you may be familiar with the franchise from KL, they're well known for their low prices. Don't let the prices fool you though. Low price, does not mean low quality. :D For those of you who are flip flop freak, I suggest you head on over here, cause the flip flops they have are freaking comfy. (I'm wearing a pair myself right now. I haven't been sitting down for almost 3 hours, and I still feel fine :D). And who knows, you might just see me (wo)manning the cash register here. :D

See you around people!


Sir George said...

oh..ada suda Jukebox di Kk

Mas Light said...

yeah acom so bz T_T uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hmm i go kasau u mwahahha XD

CJane said...

Show us the flip flops please!! Ambik lah gambar bah!! :D :D

Edgar said...

aaaa.. tumpang lalu.. blog hopping