Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Holy hell.

I'm so sorry for not updating. No internet connection while I was in KK. :S Which means a WHOLE lot of things happened while I was on vaykay, with not an outlet to share it with everybody.

I feel as if I'm doing an essay. You know in school where the teachers would tell you to write about "What I Did For My Vacation" every start of the school term?

First things first though. I'm leaving for KL in a few days, and to say that I am extremely depressed is sort of like saying China is underpopulated. Yes folks, it's that time again, where I gripe about the soul-sucking city that is KL. *sigh*

So let's talk about KK. Being back after so long gave me an opportunity to view it fresh eyes. Some days were thumbs up, some were the other way around. Thumbs up would probably be the sinful pleasures of going out every night with my newly found shisha buds. A more boisterous bunch, you will never meet. It's sort of fun being one of the only 2 girls in a huge group of guys. You get treated like a princess. :D Try it, girls.

Thumbs down? Idiotic things like the overhead bridge in town. It's been "under construction" for 3 freaking years. I cannot grasp it. I thought the whole purpose of the thing was to lessen traffic jams. Syeah right! It's steadily making traffic worse since it's been put up. (And let me remind everybody again, that it is NOT yet done... *sigh*)

But no matter. I had fun playing tourist. There was one point when my niece would not walk around town with me cause I was taking pictures of everything and everything. Well, what can I say. It was a bit shocking to see malls pop up like mushrooms all around town. And since I knew I wasn't going to be back in KK until at least a year, I wasn't about to leave anything undocumented.

That said, during Christmas, disaster struck. My batteries conked out on me. My extra batteries magically appeared in my sister's bag, which was in Sandakan. -_- And, the one sacrilegious act that no avid photographer should every commit - I didn't bring my battery charger along. *sigh* I couldn't photograph ANYTHING after that. That should teach me.

*sigh* I'm going to miss everybody. In fact, I miss most already. I guess I'll just have to sweat it out for one more year. Wish me luck, friends!


Unknown said...

hey acom!

That must've really sucked not to be able to take pictures, huh?? Okay, will not frustrate you further..

Anyways, hope you had a fun trip here. miss your postings, though..

And what did u think about the karamunsing overhead bridge that is so damn "senget"?? I hate it when we have to pass there..

Mas Light said...

gewd luck com..i'm gonna miss u T_T *cries