Saturday, December 08, 2007


This just in folks!


The What : HobbyCon KK

The Where : Kompleks Asia City, Kota Kinabalu

The When : 8th (that's today!) and 9th of December 2007

Just in case you people aren't aware (Where the heck have you been?!), we're all congregating here in KAC, having the time of our lives.

If you're a blogger, and you've been networking within the Sabah blogger community, I'm pretty sure you're curious as to what the others look like, to put a face and actual voice to the words that you're reading. If that's so, then I suggest you drive on over here.

For those of you who are regulars at the Sabahan Online Community Forum ClickStartPlay, this is also your chance to meet up with those other spammers.. err... I mean forumers. :D Come on down!

HobbyCon is also featuring our very own artists! Get free sketches of yourself, your favorite anime / computer game character. I've included photos of them in action. :D See for yourself. Better yet. COME HERE AND SEE THEM LIVE!

Some of the more prominent bloggers that are in attendance are Maslight, Julian, Dori, Jefferi, Flanegan and many more.

I can't type too much but I'll show you what's been going on the whole day!

Don't miss your chance to participate in this exciting event! It's on til 9pm tonight, and will continue tomorrow (9th December 2007) 9am-9pm! Come on over! With the number of people fiddling with their cameras around here, you might even get featured in one their blogs!

COME! OR I SHALL DESTROY YOU! *ahem* Pardon the enthusiasm.



Unknown said...

wow!! that sure does look like fun! if i weren't in confinement, i could go check it out.. after all, my brother has a comp shop on the first floor too. "Haidar Holdings" in case you were wondering.. LOL! Sempat lagi promote bah.. hahahaha..

Well, have fun you guys!! and as usual, great pics!!

Mas Light said...

XD i was next to acom... hehehehe XD punya siok se rasa..and the crowd was great!

Edgar said...

1... 2...