Thursday, August 02, 2007

Food and More Food!

Wednesday night, Mia and Adam picked me up for dinner at Marco's Pizza. The food was great, but I didn't enjoy the food half as much as I enjoyed being with the company. :D

I'm ashamed to say, that I only took pictures of TWO of our four dishes (pasta, pasta, pizza and chicken), but... I got carried away with the meal and the conversation.

Here is pasta number 1! This is what Mia had. (I do not know the name of this dish...)

And behold pasta number 2, which is what I had. :) (Adam looks as if he wants some :P)

I'm sorry, since I have no idea what the names of these dishes are, I can't properly recommend them. I guess you could print them out and show it to the waiters in hopes that they recognize it and bring you the right one. Who knows. Crazier things have been done for the love of food.

Marco's Pizza is a good place to go to if you want to hang out with friends, a different atmosphere than bland mamak stalls and such. A pasta dish would cost you less than MYR20. A little pricey for some maybe, but when you think about it, it's not somewhere you'd go to everyday. Maybe for a special occasion, for when you'd like to dress up. :) Parking's a b*tch though, so be warned.

After dinner we hopped to The Attic KL, where an up and coming singer, Joanne Bosco, was showcased. The ambiance spoke of calm and relaxation. And the cakes were heavenly. *drool* (Yes, I didn't take photographs of these either). Mostly, I loved it because of the absence of smoke. It's rare in a place like that. I think they have events week-round, should you need an excuse to visit. Check them out at The Attic.

All in all, nice and even paced the week has been for me. Can't wait for the weekend. :D


Anonymous said...

I haven't tried Marco's Pizza yet. Thanks for the photos and reviews. You make me wanna try them out!! xD

Ratu Syura said...

Ooooh, the food looks so good!! I heard about the place but never tried it though.. If you like Italian, you should try the Carbonara at Pizza Uno. Sedappp Gilakk!!

Mas Light said...



Unknown said...


Looks so good I can almost taste it. Nasib at this point of time, I juuuussttt finished my supper. Kalau tidak... kempunaaannn si kawan.

Will definitely drag Syura to bring me here the next time I'm in kl. Woohoo!

Thanks for recommending!

And The Attic sounds cool! :D

hwen said...

I misinterpreted MYR as MYANMAR a little while ago! Haha!

Salha said...

i didnt have breakfast :(

Salha said...

absence of smoke? i kinda miss smoking my pot. anyway i havent been lighting my shisha lately. i think i'm too lazy to so move my butt off the couch. do u think i need exercise?