Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Get Thee Hence, Anger

I need a cathartic.

Ignorance doesn't help, it only delays the anger.

And delaying anger only festers it.

So how do I vent? I doubt flaying a particular someone with a butter knife or having a chicken slowly peck on said person's flesh extends the satisfaction I feel in my imagination to real life.

I suppose an escape into my books is one way. But again, I have to eventually return to this life I call my own.

The only other thing I can think of to purge this negative emotion is through some sort of physical labour. Something to which I have a serious aversion for. *sigh* Oh well, one will have to do what one must do.


Mas Light said...

i get angry easily this month T_T

Anonymous said...

Reading helps, but singing to loud music helps even more! LOL

Feel better soon, Acom. Jgn marah-marah, nanti lekas tua. :P

jf said...

My catharsis is I go make emo song. :)

hwen said...

Physical labour?! Like? Hope you'll be better soon...

Haizum said...

Mas: *chuckle* This month only ah? :P

Cin: Ya betuuuul!!! :D

Josh: Yeah, I should start writing again. But then again, this post was a sort of catharsis. :D I felt a lot better after venting it out here.

Hui Wen: Thanks babe. *hug*