Monday, July 30, 2007

I Beat Those Butterflies I Did

I've got my stage legs back. *wink*

It was a great night.

This time around, the Bedroom Musician Series showcased 1 band, and 3 singer songwriters that were all great in their own right.

First up were Sad Angry Babies. They aren't new, per se, but still, not exactly mainstream. You'd know them if you were into the local indie music scene. Contrary to their name, they are neither sad, angry or babies. One day, I'll have to figure out the story behind it. Their songs are actually quite snappy and catchy.

Then came OJ. I must say he wasn't what I expected. His songs were haunting, beautiful. In fact, I'd have bet that he would be the kind to play the songs that S.A.B. were playing. Hmm.. I got a free CD off of him. :P

Christian Palencia (yes, Palencia.), who dubs himself "the OTHER Palencia", brother to Mia. He is only 13. I hadn't seen Chris since he was a little itty baby. And what a pleasant surprise it was to hear him sing. *sigh* I was born 10 years too early, methinks. Christian, I heart you!

Next up was a familiar name, Shannon Shah. He's been around for awhile now, and seeing him perform live was amazing. He's got a flair for both the whimsical and serious. Sort of appropriate that he's featured here in Serious Scribbles and Silly Sayings. :)

*sigh* No sites on Chris and Shannon I found that had samples of their songs.

As for Mia's (and incidentally, ours, since Dede and I were singing backup for her), well, what can I say. She's always amazing. I can't say anymore else I'll sound starstruck, which is so dorky since she's a close friend. :P

But of course, what would a get together be without a lil cam whoring. :)

Nessa, you're pictures aren't here cause they're all with Scott! Tell him to send it to me ASAP! :D

(All pictures courtesy of Bede, except Sad Angry Babies, OJ and Christian, which I took.)

I know I promised videos, but I'm afraid Adam hasn't gotten them ready yet. Soon, people, soon.


Anonymous said...

u're in a band?! cool :)

Anonymous said...

i saw ur earings!! i like. remember the blue one we bought? one is a bit longgar odi :( i sad

Ratu Syura said...

alaaa.. lambat! i didn't know it was the night itself when i commented hari tuuu.. owh well, is there gonna be another one? perhaps, solo this time? :P

Unknown said...

oh wow! didn't know u were a performer! would like 2 see u perform one day.. anyways, support you from here pun ok bah kan?

jf said...

Sorry Haizum! Was nearby at my college ball though... But seeing from this blog post, you did greatttt :)

Ah new song @ my blog!

hwen said...

Ish ish, I thought I went to thewrong blog with all your band postings, haha! But hey, hope you guys have a good time, and change the local music scene!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh fun! fun! fun!

Jealous sia! Hahahahhaa!

Anonymous said...

i've been thinking a lot lately. my brain is turning into mush