Friday, August 31, 2007


(Warning: Lots of pictures. May take a while to load.)

My friend Jan invited us over to his place in Cyberjaya last night for a barbecue. It was all jolly good. =D I FINALLY used my hookah and smoked shisha for the first time, in the past few months. Oh how I missed My Lovely. The food itself, was lovely, but we all know that shisha makes everything perfect. =P

It was a potluck party, so, I decided to bring a penne carbonara dish of some sort. Here's the recipe:

You'll need garlic, button mushrooms, chicken stock, milk, a little corn starch and the pasta of your choice. (I suggest the shelled ones cause they'll contain more of the gravy and when you bite into it.. *sigh*) Okay, chop the garlic, slice the mushrooms and boil the pasta. While the pasta is boiling sauteé the garlic and mushrooms together. Add milk, and boil it to reduce. Add a little mixture of cornstarch and water into the pan to thicken the sauce. Add chicken stock, to taste. Pour over pasta. Start eating. *drool*

So the party started out slowly, with Jan over at the fire, and me pilfering small pieces of charcoal for my shisha. Everybody was chatting and eating. But what's this? The birthday celebrant, THE VIP for the night (Scott) isn't even present. *grumble grumble*

No matter, the party must go on. I insist. =D

So while we were waiting for Scott to arrive, we had with us 3 cameras. What do we do? We take pictures of ourselves of course. =)

Here are the Dragon collections.

At this point, Scott came, and he joined the Dragons as well.

So... more camwhoring...

Here is where I get a little high and bug everybody and spoil all the pictures...

At this point, everybody is restless, and we WANT to throw Scott in the pool. So after careful planning ("Okay, when we grab him, remember to take his phone - that's in his left pocket - and wallet and zippo lighter - those are in his right - okay?")

Success! And here is the happy (?) - and belated - birthday boy.

After all the excitement, we resumed our photo sessions, cause why waste the space in our memory card and our battery life? =)

Yeah, KakaNet and I are the cutest!

Hey... Why isn't KakaNet looking at the camera?

Gee. Could it be cause Wilson was standing behind me holding a bucketful of water over my head? Yes, that could be it.

Yeah I'm all wet. =P

So there you go. They decided to throw the traditional Birthday Bucket Of Water at me a few days earlier. It was freaking cold I tell you! But it was all good fun. =D I hope there won't be another attack on my on Monday. 0_0

Scott and I. The unsuspecting birthday celebrants.

Hurray to friends. =)


hwen said...

I see smoke! Haha! Well, your party looks fun, and I haven't been to any since... erm, last Friday, haha!

Happy Merdeka, Haizum!

Ratu Syura said...

So kamu la pulak yang bising bising tu... LOL!

Mas Light said...

i love the throwing in the pool shot...

Anonymous said...

Sexy black bra! *mwahahahahaha*

You guys had so much it seems, no wonder I heard the noise all the way to KL! :P

Unknown said...

its so enjoyable looking at u guys ^^

kena buang masuk kolam lagi? wahahaha! XD

Anonymous said...

Waisey. bestnya kamurang! hooray hooray! i want shisha too man! Gah~ sleepy.... :S

Salha said...

u're such a retard *lmao*
hepi bday!

Haizum said...

Hui Wen: It WAS fun!!

Syura: Yaaa, siap kena buang air lagi kamiii!

Mas: *laughs* Gila I was panicked ni, takut nda sempat ambil!

Cin: Eh please ah. It was brown. =P

LeeHng: he he yaaa kena ambuuush!

Paya: Beh, shisha lah. Macam di KK tu nda da. =P

Uncommonly U: Yeah, but you love me anyhow. =P