Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Number 23

HAH. No, this won't be some convoluted post about how everything leads back to a certain number. This is about me turning 23. (I'm not sure that's any better...)

My actual birthday was VERY quiet compared to the days before it (as you can see from my previous post... I even got a dunking). I went to class in the morning, but I was so tired, that I cut class in the afternoon to go back home and sleep. *chuckle* It seemed that I did all my celebrating in the few days before my birthday. I even got cake. =D

I was wondering if I'd get an epiphany... I didn't. I don't mind getting older. It does have its perks. The only thing that bugs me about getting older is the sense of responsibility that is (supposed) to come with it. *sob* That means I'm (the only one) accountable for whatever it is I do. I can't claim ignorance, cause people expect me to know things already (even though I honestly don't know half the things that I'm supposed to).


So, 2 days into my 23rd year, and what am I doing? Sitting in Starbucks, sipping my Passion Tea (I highly recommend it), thinking of what I'm going to do once I get back home, cause I've already finished the last book of Robin Hobb's 3rd trilogy (all of which I highly recommend as well). Maybe another book then. =) And since I'm here in Ikano, with Popular, MPH AND Borders just within my reach, I might as well look for one.

And there is one thing that always makes me smile on my birthday. No matter what, there are always people out there that I can still call ancient. =D


Ratu Syura said...

Happy Belated Birthday Dearrr... ;D

Unknown said...

happy belated birthday haizum!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Acom! The number 23 is sexy, you know! :P

Anonymous said...

well no matter how old u are, u're still the baby in the family :)
love ya

Haizum said...

Thanks everybody. =D

Cindy: Oh, I always say "(insert my current age) is a good age to be!" *chuckles*.

Deng: I know!!! All of you people are ancient, no matter what! =D I just gotta kick Pinky and Juliana outta the picture! he he

SheLa La La said...

happy belated birthday!!

Mas Light said...

happy belated b'day XD

kekekekeke oh, no worries, i'm few years older but i still dunno shite about things XD *whistle