Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Okay, this is a little late coming, but I seem to be too engrossed in the book I'm reading. 0_0 But, I have managed to pry my fingers away from it's pages. =D

A couple of days ago, my friends and I had a little birthday celebration for one of our own. We decided (lo and behold) that KFC was a good place to host our lunch get together. =)

(Truth be told.. I am too lazy to blog about it, keen as I am to get back to my book, but I shall share pictures =D)

Here we have the whole gang. Lecturers are constantly telling us "You people shouldn't be sitting together". Mr. Goh's favourite line when Andrew and I are next to each other "Aiyah.. stress..." (while putting a hand to his heart). =P

The star of the show. Happy Birthday Clare!

The other star of the show. *drool*

Okay, I do not know if Andrew was bullshitting me, but apparently there's a tradition that says the celebrant is to pick the candles off the cake using his or her mouth. Has anyone ever heard of this? Andrew and Daniel have perfected the art of acting (READ: lying), and although most times I'm able to distinguish between fact and act, I have to admit that this one left me a little doubtful. Let us discuss this. =D

What's a camwhore without a little camwhoring? =D


Anonymous said...

Argh!!! You guys are making me crave for cakes again!!! >.<

But the photos looked like so much of fun!!!

Mas Light said...

wuah, the cake omg~ O.O

Anonymous said...

u need pedicure... buy my jacket this weekend pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
lab u bebeh

Unknown said...

oooOOOooo... you guys looked like you had so much fun!

and the caaaakkkkeee.. soooo yummmmmyyy looking... nyum nyum nyum.. :D