Friday, July 27, 2007

They're Rambunctious Those Butterflies Are

I've been doing a lot of reviews on the Bedroom Musician Series. I think the past couple of weeks, my posts have basically been centered around local musicians that are worth listening to.

Who knew that I myself would be performing for the BMS. Granted, it's only backup, but I haven't performed for any sort of audience at all in the last 4 years.

I feel as if I have a horde of butterflies in my stomach. I think they're some sort of giant breed.

Oh well.

We shall persevere. :)

If I can, hopefully I'll post a video of the performance when we're done.

Cross your fingers I don't fall on stage folks!


jf said...

Awesomeee! I'll drop by during sound check probably... :D Coz i cant make it at night..

Ratu Syura said...

Hey, can I come and watch? I didn't even know you sing! Where ah?? I'll bring a banner for the backup singer! LOL!

Haizum said...

Jash: Niiice! Hope to see you there. :D

Syura: Caaaan. Tonight in Equatorial Hotel, at 930. But I don't know if still got tickets la. You can try check out their website and call Scott to find out.

hwen said...

Woo hoo! All the best, Haizum! And can't wait for the video to be uploaded... =)

SheLa La La said... wishes. take care.i'll cross my finger for you!

Twyla said...


Mas Light said...

wuah i wanna see! mana? XD