Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh How I Tried

It seems that I can't persuade Reza Salleh's CD to come out of my CD player.


Seriously folks, I have TRIED. I mean, I've even tried to replace it with my new Blue October CD. But it refuses to give it's place up.

So, I'm letting it stay there. Fool it into security. Then... when it least expects it... I'll do another switch. Hopefully, it works. :D

*crosses fingers*


Anonymous said...

i've read harry potter 7 twice and i still feel weird when i finished. i cant believe theres nothing to look forward to anymore. on the other hand its a relief that its over. i mean we've been waiting for the end since... since... i dont even remember anymore!!
i'm gonna read it again just for fun! :)

Haizum said...

Ooh I have to wait for Adam to finish with his. :D I wanted to wait for Nessa but apparently she's got 5 people on her waiting list. I'm first on Adam's!