Friday, May 04, 2007

The Weekend Is Here

Again, another scorching day.

I hate having to walk ANYWHERE at noon. Simply because I do not wish to reach my destination halfway roasted. I like myself alive.

Yesterday I experimented with water. =) I thought they turned out okay, but the colour wasn't as vivid. I should say now what my skills with Photoshop are limited to only cropping, adding text, resizing and such. All other manipulations are out of my reach. So I need to rely on my camera, and ONLY camera. So, while I practice my photography, you shall have to feast (Hmm...) your eyes on mediocre shots. :D

I grabbed a pot, put it under the sink
and let the water run. This is a cropped picture
cause I didn't want to get my camera
too close to the water. -_-

And this is the view of the water as
it runs from the tap.

Those were yesterday's.

Today I took a few more pictures. On my way back from the night market (Ooooh food!), it was that time when the sky can't decide on whether to hold on to the sun or embrace the night (Oh no, I'm spouting poetic...) so the lighting was beautiful. Here are my favourite shots of today.

I liked this shot cause you can see all the
movements in different speeds. From cars
that aren't moving at all to those that
zoom past. I took this on the pedestrian
bridge in KJ LRT station.

I took this just outside the apartment grounds.
I came back during rush hour, so a bunch of
other people were walking with me as well,
and when I whipped out my camera and
pointed it here, they all looked up to see
what I was trying to snap.

That aside, the weekend is here. Again. And I probably won't have anything much to do. Again. Like I said, I was hoping to catch Spiderman 3 but that's still tentative. *sigh* I hope I get to see it before they take it off the cinemas.

I need to get a new bottle of perfume because apparently I'm clumsy. 0_0 I dropped mine as I was rushing to get ready for class. *sob* So hopefully, this week I'll be able to get a new bottle of perfume.

May I just say that I saw another camera that I am drooling after now? Don't get me wrong, I love my A710 but it doesn't hurt to look around. :D It was another Canon. The PowerShot G7. You can read the review at Steven's Digicam. It's a sweet camera~! *sigh*

So I leave now, to dwell on the possibility of, again, not having anything to do during the weekends.

Cheers. =)


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how beautiful water could be, given the best shot angle and Acom with her camera! xD

Another lovely photos. Now you made me feel like learning photography and buy me an expensive camera. LOL!

hwen said...

Hey Haizum!

The Powershot G7 is a good camera, and it looks like an analog in some aspects, which I think is kinda nice. Gives you more 'feel' while handling it, haha!

Oh, water... Beautiful! Those pictures convey the beauty and flow of water. Maybe I should experiment with water too. But this time, with a clear plastic bag as a protective shield of course. Water can be both soothing and dangerous!

Cheers, Hui Wen

P.S. You used slow shutter speed for the highway shot, right? Nice... And it's better to work with the camera, than Photoshop.

Salha said...

its hot as hell here

Haizum said...

Cindy: Thank u! You don't have to buy an expensive camera. There are some entry level cameras that are really good and priced quite low. And I say photography brings the world together! Just look at us here! We wouldn't know each other if it wasn't for our love of photography. =D

Hui Wen: I know! I went to the Curve yesterday and checked out the Canon store there. *drool* It looks good! Argh! And I'm think of buying a macro lens. But I shall have to save. *sigh*

Uncommonly U: Gargh. Same here. Either that or it rains heaviy. There's never that perfect weather for walking. *sulk*

Mas Light said...

omg...i love that water shot. kewl..come to think of it..i never take water shots before..well except for waterdrops?


Anonymous said...

i love your pictures, com!

Haizum said...

Mas: Thank you! :) I wanna take droplet shots. they always look like little gems. :) But I haven't found any dangling around the house. 0_o

Elfie: Thank you! Where have you been? How come you haven't updated your blog? 0_o