Friday, May 04, 2007

Eye Love You

I haven't taken eye pictures in awhile, so after dinner earlier tonight, I snapped away.

Out of all of them, this was what caught me eye (*ahem* Geddit? Caught my eye? As in, literally? With a camera? Geddit? Do ya? Do ya??).

Why? Cause I think my eye doesn't
look like my eye.

So there it is. Today's mini post.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful eye! Add with some fake eyelash and smoky eyeshadow.. you'll look like a Diva!! xD

Haizum said...

Thank you! But I don't know how to put on fake lashes~ *sob* I always wanted to use them cause my lashes are unbelievably sparse. 0_0

Mas Light said...

acom haf pretty eyes..long lashies i mean lashes...

mas dun haf long lashes...mas eye >_< woo no comment