Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What Table?

Dede and I did an experiment just awhile ago.

We were watching CSI on NTV7 and Dede mentioned that all the commercials were getting irritating cause they're on for so long and so many times within a show.

So I said to her that the show probably runs for about half the time slot allocated for it.

And out come those really handy things we call cell phones. =) A stopwatch is a wonderful thing.

So what did we find out from our little experiment? The show runs for approximately 10 minutes then the commercials would run for about 6 minutes. All the time. Can you imagine that? The commercials run for more than half of the time. 0_o I feel cheated.

That aside, my friend just sent me this really funny picture. She actually filched it from someone's Friendster profile, so I don't really know who to credit for this wonderful piece of photography. I'll just let you see it.

Please tell me you got that. If you didn't.. well.. :D

Speaking of photography, I haven't been able to snap anything worth posting. No outdoor picture because I don't feel like stopping in the middle of this sweltering weather for even 5 minutes to take a picture of anything. And when I get home I just can't find the energy to arrange things to capture stills. *sigh*

And again, it's that time of the month. I'm irritable and uncomfortable at any given time of day. But it will pass and I will rejoice being a woman again. :)

Sleep beckons me.


Mas Light said...

omg wot?! soup mix biji table?! wut's dat suppose to mean omg! this is so so disturbing..i know somebody who would enjoy this...can i use photo can i can i? XD

wot? u guys actually calculated those advert thinggies..this is why we should dl it from the net..torrent weeeeeeeeeeeeee

Salha said...

i think u might wwanna change the blue "bulat" thingie in your title tu. its not as vibrant as the rest of the other 'bulats'

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. When I first subscribed to Astro, I was excited because I thought FINALLY I get to watch shows instead of advertsiements! Turns out I'm wrong. Even Astro have lots of advertisements these day.

"Daddy tak bias.."

Hey Acom, have you eaten your biji table today? LOL. I've seen a hawker printed Biji tebal before. Aww.. such honor for veggies. :P

Ratu Syura said...

hahaha.. u know i didnt get it at first! had to read it aloud to get actually 'feel' the biji table!

remember kids! eat ur bijis!! hahaha.. i'm crackin' myself up!

Haizum said...

Mas: *chuckle* Yeah sure you can use it. But like I said, I didn't know who to credit it to. And yes, we actually did use a timer to see the durations.

Uncommonly U: Ya think? *sigh* I need to look for an actual blue flower. That's actually the flower embroidery from my curtains.

Cindy: Yeah, Astro's got a lot of commercials now as well. Very corny ones at that. And I have decided to go on a biji table diet he he.

Syura: *laughs* Riot kan?

I'm wondering why the person who made that sign for them didn't say anything. Was it cause they thought it would be a laugh or cause they didn't know any better themselves?