Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oh How This Heat Bothers Me

Yes it does.

The 15 minutes walk from the LRT station to my house was excruciating. And on top of that, it's not as if I need to get any darker! I think I checked the colour of my skin on one of those thingamajiggy's by some cosmetics brand or other, and I was number 14. In all, there were 16 shades. Go figure.

But on the way back, I did get to snap pictures of pretty little flowers (Yes, you're right, I still don't know what their names are). The light was a little harsh, and I was too lazy to fiddle with the camera since I was practically melting, but I thought they turned out okay.

I like this colour. I KNOW the
name of this colour. But what about
the flower? ( I rhyme, yes I rhyme~)

These filaments were super long and they caught
my eye. This flower was growing under
a bigger plant (to which the name I also don't know...)

This is part of a very big tree. I thought
the nodules looked pretty cool.

On another note, I'll be glad when the weekend is here, so I can watch Spiderman 3. Has anybody been to? (If you have, please refrain from announcing spoilers here.) I resent Daniel for having fun at my expense. He was telling me that MJ was - for lack of a better word - compromised and I only noticed he was pulling my leg when he said "Captain America's going to save Spidey in movie number 4". Mm-hmm. Way to go Com.

As it happens, I'm going to miss another one of my cousins' wedding. What a bummer. 3 of my cousins in the Philippines are married, and another one will be, in June. And get this. They ALL got married (or will) during my exams. How crappy is that? The stars are conspiring against me or something. I don't get to be a pandala (this would be bridesmaids in their term) and wear pretty dresses and pretty shoes and pretty make up. So I won't be going to the Philippines. In fact, I'm not going anywhere.

Oh crap. Fogging. Now our whole house smells of dangerous, lethal chemicals. Why don't these people ever send out a flier or at least post something in the notice board to tell everybody? Here I was, happily blogging away, and the next, I'm gagging. Like we don't have anough crap clogging our lungs everyday anyway. Gar.

Like I was saying, I won't be going anywhere on my semester break (READ: NOT GOING HOME *SOB*) since I doubt it'll be long enough for me to really enjoy my stay. I need AT LEAST a week to "Sabahanise" myself (READ: acclimatise to local Sabah environment ie sleep time, wake time, eat time yada yada yada).

So what's a girl to do to cheer herself up?

A ton of movies (maybe more), a lot of food (maybe less) and hours of window shopping (okay, maybe a LOT more).

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