Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cooped Up

Yes, that's what I've been doing.

2 days of public holidays and I haven't stepped out of the house.


Actually, I've barely stepped out of my room.

Oddly enough I have been taking pictures. *chuckles* (Andrew appropriately calls me a cam-freak) Here are some shots of dried flowers I have in my room.

Does anybody know what the name of
this flower is?

My rose.

Another accompaniment to my rose.

I need to get some mounting board to make mini studios. =) One black and one white so I can get a clean background for my subjects. Another project for the amateur photographer!


Anonymous said...

I love the purple ones! Are those pansies? O.o

Mas Light said...

the photos are great! eee u got white background woo..mas dun haf anything white..the carpet is green shite! >_<

Haizum said...

Cindy: I have no idea. 0_0 I try and try to remember the names, but you know what they say. In one ear and out the other. I should get an information retainer of some kind. I wonder if they sell it in IOI...

Mas: Thank you! And the background was actually a piece of A4 copy paper he he. ;)

hwen said...

Hey Haizum!

The colours of those dried flowers are so creamy! I love macro shots- they always show a different perspective, more texture and 'feel'.

If I'm not mistaken, those are lavender.

Cheers, Hui Wen =)

Anonymous said...

love ur blog's new look.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Acom! Nice macro shots u got there. Makes me want to give another 'test-drive' to my digicam :) Flowers can really pull a girl's attention; Mebe one day we shud go out for photo-hunting kan!

Ratu Syura said...

i see you're really getting a hang of your cammie~! ;) since i see you're so into photography, i can introduce you to my friend daniel who conducts free workshops (when he's not bz capturing ppl's lives!)..

check out his website at

you could learn a lot of stuff from his shots.. i sure did~! ;) enjoy!

Haizum said...

Hui Wen: I LOVE macros! But I'm trying to learn portraits now. I haven't had a chance to take much of those since everybody is suddenly "shy" when I say "Everybody group in!". Hmmph.

Artiste: Thank you!

Tess: Yes, we should. Remember what I said about our models! So that means for the day we have food, photo hunting and.. umm.. FOOD!

Syura: Thank you! I checked out his photos and his portraits are amazing!