Sunday, April 29, 2007

Do A Little Shopping

Yesterday Dede and I went to the mall to see her mother.

While waiting for her mother to have a break from her convention, what did we do to pass the time?

Hello, we were in a mall. And we're girls.

We shopped, of course!

But nothing much. Just little things to complete my room.

Like a vase.

[I like gold]

And a scented oil burner.

[The scent is Apple Blossoms. *sniff sniff*

Then while we were getting groceries in Giant, I saw something really funny. Well, at least to a mind such as mind (a little perverted... I infer the dodgiest explanations for the most innocent things... if you're like me, you'll get this).


*LAUGHS* Oral-ME man! With Flexi Head! I'm telling you, you CANNOT get this anywhere else. *laughs* This is insane. What are they trying to tell our children here? They should get this off the shelves and tell the manufacturer's to get their minds out of the gutter (Or maybe, I should get MINE outta there *chuckle*).

So ended our little shopping spree, as always with lots of laughter. We're silly people we are, but we're happy people in spite of it. Or are we happy BECAUSE we're silly? I don't know how it works, but it does. =D

Here are some experimental shots that I took before going to bed last night.

[My lovely]

[Tried a backlight shot]

Another happy day for the experimental photographer. =)

Life is good.


Ratu Syura said...

You can get the Oral-Me tshirts from uptown! My friend got one that said 'Starfucks'! hehe...

Maybe it was a last prank the employer did cuz he was getting fired.. =P

hwen said...

Goodness! Oral-Me!? That sounds SO wrong, hahahaha!

Hey Haizum, I'm back! How are you? I haven't been blogging or bloghopping for 2 weeks plus plus, and I missed everything!

Love you banner and your pictures! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

Did you end up buying the Oral-Me? LOL!!!!!