Thursday, April 26, 2007

Skating About

Earlier this evening, we - Dede, Tess, Dell and myself - went to Sunway Pyramid to have dinner. Restaurant of choice - Hartz Chicken Buffet.
I have to say that the food isn't as good as it was years ago. But the company was good. =D

Dinner was pretty much uneventful, until Dede actually read a slip they gave us attached with the receipt. This was what caught our eye.


Can you imagine? Dede was saying "Man, it's like a prison." Or clubs. *chuckles* What if you had an emergency? What if you were "otherwise occupied" in the toilet for 10 minutes? I mean, not everybody can do number 2 as fast. What if they had constipation? Poor people.

So after throwing in a couple more jokes about the aforementioned policy, we decided to head home. But, just outside the Hartz restaurant, I saw something else that caught my eye.

Do they mean "stylist"? *chuckles*

So, after more puzzled moments and jokes, we headed for the car again.

Then we noticed an unusually large crowd around the ice rink, considering it was already closing time.

There was a game on! So I knew it was time to whip out my camera again. I got a few nice shots of the players skating around at full speed!

So teams Home and Visitor (I have no idea what their actual team names were, so bear with me) were battling it out on the ice, and there I was: snap snap snap!

Again, I played around with the shutter speed.

Yep, he let the puck in.

By the way, we call this goalie (the one above), Smokey. Why? Cause we were standing on the stairs above where their benches were and during timeout, he took his mask off and there was steam rising from his head. *chuckles* I kid you not. The rink was cold and I'm sure he was sweating his... err... pants off in his padding. Hot into cold air, you see steam. Basic science. And as we now like to say, "Smokeh is Okeh". We were rooting for Smokey's team, just because we were on their side (literally on their side of the rink).

A tense moment for this goalie I'm sure.

In the end, it was Home 10 Visitors 1. Unfortunately, Smokey was a Visitor.

But, nevertheless SMOKEH IS OKEH!