Friday, April 27, 2007

International Understanding Day

(Warning: Lots of pictures. May take awhile to download.)

We had an event today tailored for the international students to showcase their countries in order for there to be a (yes, of course) international understand. (Yes, I'm sure that's why they named the days exactly that.

Participating countries: Ghana, Nigeria, Vietnam, Russia, Mauritius, Lebanon, Libya, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia and of course, our very own Malaysia.

Let's start with the people then.

Republic of Ghana

People' Republic of Bangladesh

Republic of Indonesia

Republic of Kenya

Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (Libya)

People's Republic of Nigeria

Russian Federation

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Our very own Malaysia

I couldn't get a couple of the other countries cause some were left unmanned when I was free to take their pictures. Other times I was running around snapping pictures of others, the classic chicken running without a head.

Here are some of the food that I managed to take pictures of. The others were all gobbled up by the time I got to them!

Indonesian Fried Noodles

Indian (Malaysia) desserts

Chinese (Malaysia) dessert

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Noodles


Like I said, everything else was eaten up before I got to them.

These are shots purely for my own pleasure. They're mostly ornamental.


Nigerian Necklace

Kenyan Handmade Ornament

So there you go. Lots of photo opportunities today, and I'd post them all up if it weren't for the fact that everybody'd be too annoyed at having to wait for all the pictures to load. =)

At the end of the day, bellies were full, minds were broader, relationships were tighter, and bodies of course, tired.

The always-ready-for-a-photo Kenyan girls.
Tired but happy.

I think these kinds of events are always fun to be a part of. Everybody was really proud of their home country, and they worked hard at making sure they put their best foot (and food) forward.

Makes me itch to travel.


ArtisteInReflection said...

wow. nice oh the pictures! i like :) looks like u guys had fun ya?

Mas Light said...

woo the shots are great XD

punya siok! XD

Anonymous said...

Wow, now you gave me an itch for travels too! xD