Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Curve

Dede and I have decided that The Curve is one of our have-to-go places. We get to look at nice things. And there's a free shuttle that takes us there. =D

There's this paper store that just makes us go crazy (actually, it makes me go crazy. Dede was pretty much laid back, as she always is).

And there's this woman that sells really cute mugs at the flea market every weekend. Dede said I shouldn't get the "RM10 for 5" mugs cause there are only 2 of us at home. But what if friends come by and everybody decides to drink hot beverages, I say? But, she planted the seed of doubt in my mind, so I didn't feel good buying them at the time. We shall see what happens to the seed next week. =D

So, last weekend we went there again on the pretense of ONLY getting groceries at Tesco. Don't get me wrong, we did eventually get our groceries. But only after going through most of the shops around there. =D

If there's one thing that doesn't fail to appear on our agenda when we go out, no matter what we say, is to sit down and have a meal. This time around, we decided to try this place called Vivo American Pizza & Panini. why? Because we saw a promotional menu outside. The food looked good and the prices were reasonable.

So there we were, sitting down, waiting to be waited on (Hmm..).

The waitress comes over and asks what we'd like. The conversation goes a little something like this.

Waitress: Yes, would you like to order now?

Dede: Yeah, umm... we were wondering about the promotional menu outside?

Waitress: Oh, those are only available Mondays through Fridays.

(It was a Saturday...)

Dede: Oh. Well. Then.

(Dede looks at me.)

Acom: Uh.. Gimme a sec.

(I look at Dede)

[At this point, Dede and I are communicating on another plane. We are both thinking that we were cheated. The menu said nothing about "Mondays through Fridays"!]

Dede: I'll have the Oriental Baked Rice.

Acom: Yeah, I'll have the Ham & Mushroom Baked Rice.

Waitress: And your drinks?

Dede & Acom: Iced water.


They had one wall lines with these wall decors.

Ham & Mushroom Baked Rice

Iced Water

Even when our food came, we still felt cheated. It looks and smells better than it tastes. But, now we know that we'd probably be better off eating somewhere else. Or maybe they just don't make good rice bakers. =D


Anonymous said...

Penjahat jua tu waitress! :S

anyway, bestnya buli jalan2! i cant wait to go and visit u! confirm aku pigi ok early august! i got my ticket oredi! make space for me in ur house hooray! lets have a shisha partayyy~ :P


Ratu Syura said...

i know what paper store you're talking about~! i could die in there! i always feel like buying e-ve-ry-thing in there!!

next time (if there happens to be a next time) you go to Vivo, just try out the pepperoni pizza, with extra everything. that's the only thing i think is worth trying. other than that, well..mediocre!

Haizum said...

Paya: Siok. Kau pun buli bah tu. Cua kau jangan pigi tempat yang kau slalu pigi. ambik gambar. Huhu. Experiment sikit.

Syura: *nod* I liiiike!! And no, I don't think we'll be going there. At least not anytime soon. Cause too many places we haven't tried =D