Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dishes & Trains

Hanging out with my high school friends is always fun.

It's all about good food, great conversation and a big barrel of laughs.

This time around we decided to eat in MidValley Megamall's Food Court, the one on the same level as the Pet's World. Is that the third or fourth floor? I have no idea.

I had the Fish Ball Dry Mee, while Dede had Hokkien Mee. I didn't have a chance to snap photos of everybody else's dishes cause they were already eating. Grr.

Hokkien Mee

Fish Ball Dry Mee
(Not very dry though..)

So we shall make do with 2 food photos. =D

On the way back, Dede and I took the LRT home and I decided to mess around with my shutter speed.

On this one, it really showed the movement of the train, but if you look closely at the lady in the foreground, you'll see that my hand shook a little and she's sort of blurred around the edges as well.

Shaky hands I do have.

This next one was pretty clear, but I missed the train's nose (or whatever the front part of it is called.. It looks like the tip of a nose to me... Go figure...) so it doesn't really show the movement much, unless you look at the light reflected on the windows.
Dede was ever so accommodating to be
the point of (immobile) reference.

Ah well. Practice makes perfect. Thank God for digital cameras. =D


SheLa La La said...

i always love ur blog...but why the words so big and i have to scroll right and left....eh...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Wow, new look on the blog. Nice!!
Although it looks slightly bigger, it's no problem for me, as my LCD is a wide-screen one. ;)

Mas Light said...

nice shots...erm...wut setting u use..the shutter speed setting ka? i hate it when have to use flash >_< must learn more about shutter speed...

oh, the fish ball dry mee looks like kon lou mee.. and is dat chicken on top? eeee the hokkien mee looks nice oh..

erm...new layout...but why the fonts so big? macam terexpand ni i see XD

Haizum said...

*slaps* It looks fine on mine. I'm not sure if this font looks good if it's any smaller. =D I'll try to do something about it.

Sheelasheena : What resolution you using for your display ah?

Cindy: Thank you~ Thank God for widescreen! he he

Massy: I was using the manual settings. Very slow shutter speed, but you need a really steady hand man. :S I hate using flash too. Had to kasi tinggi the ISO, but then have to be careful la, cause nanti too much noise. So no flash. =D And yeah, that's chicken. It was goooooood!