Wednesday, March 21, 2007

319 Birthday Party

A couple of nights ago, a couple of my friends celebrated their birthday, onthe 19th of March 2007. And coincidentally, they ARE a couple. =) Cool eh? You get to save up on birthday dinners. *chuckle* But the downside is that you can't surprise your partner, cause HELLO both your birthdays fall on the same day.

The venue was The Backyard in Hartamas. So while everyone tried their best to get drunk, lil ol me was busy snapping pictures. =D My night shots aren't that good yet, and I need to learn to adjust my ISO, aperture and shutter speeds accordingly, but I did get some pretty decent shots.

First, let us introduce the celebrants.

This is Prashan & Shermaine.

When I said that everybody was trying to get drunk, I meant it. We were at a long table, and they had a bottle of whisky and a bottle of vodka, but the whisky bottle was too far away from me. And me, being lazy, just took pictures of the vodka, which was within easy reach.

Their poison of choice.

The poison "vials".

A birthday party isn't complete without a birthday cake. Again, the blow-out-the-candle ceremony was at the other end of our table, and Yours Truly is a lazy bum. So I waited till the cut and passed around the smaller portions. =D

A piece of cake.

Afterwards, the guys had a game of pool to wind down. I thought the colour of the table looked really cool.

This is Sanjaya aiming for.. well.. balls. =D

Yes, folks. He loves them balls.

So there you go. Great night, good company, a lot of drunk people and sober me. Out of respect to my friends, I shall not post the pictures that are evidence of their drunkenness. =D


ArtisteInReflection said...

hmm.. sounds like you guys had fun! good good :)

Mas Light said...


i would expect more many did u shot anyway...*curious...


i need something to shoot!! woo~~~

ooo, i think the vodka shot is nice..*uhuk~ kana crop ka ni?

my nite shots oso not gewd...must minta ajar pro

Haizum said...

Artiste: Yep. Lotsa fun!

Mas: I took a LOT more actually. But they were mostly vanity pictures, if you get my drift he he. And the Vodka shot wasn't cropped. I cound't even see clearly, it was that dark. Good thing it turned out okay he he.

Mas Light said... ogie...looked kinda slightly smaller somehow...*wonder...

hohohoho...oh those shots that should kept hidden *uhuk~ XD

hwen said...

Hey Haizum!

Congrats! You've gotten yourself a Canon Powershot! I love the pictures! Hmm, but I think some pictures are a tad bit underexposed, hehe...

It's so sweet to share the same birthday as your other half. Wonder whether I'm that lucky...

Cheers, Hui Wen =)

Anonymous said...

Aww, cute couple sharing the same birthday. You don't get see much of these couples around.

Nice photos, Acom. Making me want to have a dose of liquor in my system too!

Salha said...

i saw ur boboi!!!

Haizum said...

Hui Wen: Yeah, still learning. My angles sometime suck to. But, learning as I go~

Cindy: ARAMAIIITIIIII!!! he he he

Uncommonly U: Whatchu talking about maaaan?

Salha said...

oh crap!!