Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nothing Post

Okay. New pictures!

I've been little busy lately! I don't have internet connection at home, so that's why I haven't been updating much.

But here are the new batch of pictures that I've taken since the last post.

I saw this tiny grasshopper lounging on
a bunch of bougainvilleas.

This was taken yesterday outside my college.

This is my friend drawing a mural
on our Lepak Corner wall.

Now that we've got the pictures out of the way, let me please b*tch about my everyday life.

I am seriously going crazy.

I am so busy, and I can't stand not having internet connection at home. It's a pain trying to do research when I'm in college or in a cybercafe. I mean, you need to be relaxed to absorb all that information. You need to be able to be naked while you're at it! And you can't be naked in college or something. I mean COME ON! What the heck is wrong with the Streamyx management?? We want our line NOW!

Naked = Comfort. Comfort = Always good.

But you still need privacy for it. =D

(Nudity is just an example. Of course there are other things that provides comfort. Whatever gets your juices flowing. =D)


Anonymous said...

hmm... i think we coined the words lepakcorner a while back :P

hwen said...

Murals! I love them! Nothing gives me more pleasure (apart from photography, good food, music and company) than admiring my own work after a difficult task of designing, sketching and painting it. I don't know what I'm saying but the point is I feel satisfaction. Immense satisfaction.

Oh. That. Streamyx really suck at times. The sun will shine brighter soon... =)

Anonymous said...

Yeh, I like to have my own privacy while I work on my stuff on the Net too. Clothed or not, it's a simple pleasure to surf the Net while you lift your leg as high as you can on the table, maybe cross your leg or spread it as big as you can without having anyone to look at you. LOL!

ArtisteInReflection said...

haha you got that right, deng! those were the days..

anyway, Acom yeah i bet it sucks living without internet at home! *sigh* im having the-mother-of-all-sore-throats right now and without internet connection, id already be jumping out the window.. Argh! pain..

so where's the new designated lepak corner ne way? :)

Mas Light said...

wuah..a different grasshopper...

*uhuk~ notice the leg is more focus than everything else? *uhuk

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....acom can't online waaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~

Haizum said...

Dedeng: Yeah. That's what they're calling the chill out place here in college.

Hui Wen: *laughs* Good for you. I can't draw to save my life. But I'm good at Pictionary. =D

Cindy: That's EXACTLY what I mean! =D

Artiste: Yeah man, these streamyx people are slow as molasses. and the Lepak Corner is in college.

Mas: Yeah, I noticed that after I uploaded the pictures. 0_0 Need more practice need more practice.

Mas Light said...

yes acom..practice more...makes perfect...u took only 1 shot? do it my way..take tons till the insect goes away hahahahah or not..

i normally take 2 dozen pix...before is like a lot blur..but then nowadays i get at least 2 blur hahaha XD mas gila macro!

Haizum said...

Mas: I was on my way to class. And I was late hehe

SheLa La La said...

how are u? hehe take care ya. anyway im no longer using friendster blog. but www.clacna.blogspot.com thanks ya!