Monday, March 19, 2007


Here you go folks.

The first batch of pictures.

I actually snapped snapped snapped my way through the week, but well, I can't really post them all here. Unless you guys are prepared to wait a million years for them to load.


So here goes.

And bear with me, amateur here, okay?

Anyhow, I told you guys that I got a Canon PowerShot A710. So the PowerShot series has this Colour Accent mode that you can use to only show one colour in your shot while everything else is is black and white. Here are two shots that I took using that mode.

Let us call this one BLUE TOWEL.

And let us be original here. Let's call this

And here we showcase the colours you can get when
you survey a stationery shop. I just LOVE the way
they arrange their coloured pens.

Okay this one doesn't necessarily showcase any photography aesthetics, but I just got a new bag. =D

There you go. It's reversible. 2 for the price of one.
And it was on sale too. =D

So yesterday, my friend Dede and I went to Amcorp Mall to check out the flea market and have lunch. We went to this Thai restaurant called Rak Thai. I recommend. The food is nice. So nice in fact, that I forgot to take pictures of the dishes. 0_0 Yes, sacrilegious I know. But what to do. I did take some pictures of these two ornaments that were near us.

Okay, I have no idea what this is called,
but I thought it was a cool thing to
take a picture of.

This is a candelabra that was propped up somewhere
near our booth.

So there you go. Here's a bonus picture. I have a penchant for taking close up pictures of eyes. Can I take pictures of everybody else's? =D



Mas Light said...

kewl!!!! ogie, i dun think i tried that yet. erm, oooo i so like the stationary photo..colors!!! colors!!!

uh uh, i never tried there fewd can't imagine...woo~~ hmm..woo~ lashes..uh uh tried any eye shot yet?

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos!! :D

Take my eye shot can? :P

Anonymous said...

Wow~! That's a cool camera~! Looks like i don't need Photoshop very much to edit the photos taken by using this camera. How much did u bought it?

Haizum said...

Mas : Never tried what? Yeah man, I suggest you go to stationery shops cause they always arrange the colours and stuff like that. Really cool. =D And yes, eye shots are a MUST!

Cindy : Thanks. AND YES I CAN!

Anonymous : Yeah it's the PowerShot A710. I got it for RM1234. That's with 1BG SD card, screen protector, 4 rechargeable batteries and charger, a camera case, tripod. I think that's it. Mas has the same camera. =D