Monday, January 29, 2007

Sore Feet


Cause, in my hurry to get to the exam hall, I tripped on the carpet while entering the hall and the thong of flip flops came off. So, I had to walk down the very long hall, right to the end (since I was late, the tables in front were already taken), barefoot. For those of you who yearn to be the center of attention by any means possible I suggest you walk around this way. It's a proven method, believe me.

When I was done, I had to walk out of that hall, and out of the college, still barefoot. I thought I had to walk all the way across the highway to IOI Mall to get a new pair of slippers when I bumped into my friend who told me there was a cobbler nearby. So, the day was saved by Mr. Nice Guy Cobbler.

Why was I late? Cause the frickin RapidKL bus number T43 was late. For a bus with a (supposed) frequency of every 15 minutes, I had to wait almost an hour. What the heck is wrong with the public transportation system here in Malaysia? Argh!

So, to perk myself up, I decided to go to IOI Mall anyhow to go camera surveying. I already have a particular one in mind : the Canon Powershot A530. For a consumer camera, allowing a few manual control (i.e. shutter and aperture control etc). It's a step up from my Olympus FE-190 a purely point and shoot camera. The price the salesman quoted was about MYR770 for the camera (full kit), rechargable AA batteries + charger, camera case and a 1GB memory card. Hmm... I'm sure I can get a better (Read: CHEAPER) price. So after my exam (1 more week!), I shall be traipsing around KL to screen for more. *crosses fingers* Actually, I was really drooling over the A540, but then again the only difference is the bigger resolution, the bigger display and the changable lens (I say ONLY... cause I'm trying not to be disappointed that it's a little out of my price range...). But we shall see, after further research.

Tomorrow is another day off. Fortunately, my exam subjects after today will be a little easier. Just understanding, and no memorizing. I hate memorizing. It never works. So, my vacation is halfway here. =D



Mas Light said...

omg haizum..r u ok? oh i know how that feels like..imagine falling with a tapau at the college lobby >_<" ouch

i'm famous! i'm super famous *pftttttt

yay~ holiday!!! oooo i know which canon u refering to...very tempted indeed. though the time i bought my canon camera, i oledi make up my mind >_< it's too hard to take time and think. trust me i know. though i love panasonic camera but when it comes to servicing, forget it!

how 'bout a nikon? i think my next target would be a nikon. wanna test it out. or who would be kind enuff to loan me for testing would be appreciated hahahahah sot!

i might get killed.

Ooooo yes, i hate memorizing too. Know how i actually remember most of it, pay attention in class or i ask my frens to briefly explain to me hahahaha. i'm lazy to read myself hahaha coz i won't understand shite i think la.

Salha said...

another camera?!

haha... i know how you feel. i broke the heel of my shoes just a few days ago thank god ani was there and bought me a nice selipar. di bandar lagi tu!!!
u're such a joke man :P

miss you


Haizum said...

Mas : Yeah, I'm okay hehe. I think your accident is worse though 0_0. And nothing from Nikon in the price range that I'm willing to pay hehe. So for now it's the Canon. =D

Dedeng : Yeah. Didn't I tell you I sold my camera? So I just need to top up a few hundred to the money I got from it so I can get the one I want.

And I am NOT a joke. 0_o

Mas Light said... worries..i was praying that no one notice me that time..but most ppl did..*shite! i'm famous for falling *pftttttt >_<

*paranoid. ooooooo, i want to test nikon lagi...

Zainijimmy said...

wei..massy spammer hhehe...anyway..which shop in IOI?? and how come u were around IOI?? study in ASTIN?? hehe

Haizum said...

Mas : Hehe, lek lek. College days are over for you, so your record all kena wipe out sudah.

Zaini : I forgot which shop la in IOI. But if you masuk from the entrance in front of Starbux, you turn left, then it's on your left. I study in Binary. =D So IOI is an almost-everyday stop.

Zainijimmy said...

wehhwhw...same shop where i bought my lumix :P