Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekend Is Here!

Ah, yes. The weekend.

Normally, I would be ecstatic about it. Or at least more so than I am now.

There's nothing like an exam that rips the fun right out of a weekend.

But that aside, what am I planning to do this weekend?

I assure you, studying is NOT at the top of my to-do list (though I admit, it should be).

There's always the trip to the bookstore again. Maybe Borders instead of MPH this time. I've already been a couple times this week. A change of scenery would be welcome. Plus I can eat Ikea's hotdogs, they're just around the corner (it's more "right at the opposite").

A movie? But what's playing this weekend? Good thing we have the internet. Let me see what they have in store.

(A few minutes pass.)

Blast it! Nothing interesting showing this weekend.

Well, let's on to the next item on my list (I'm telling you, I am not mentioning "Studying" this early in the list).

Shlumping all day at home.

Yes, in fact, I think I might do just that. Shlumping. For those of you who don't know, "shlumping" can be defined as "not really doing anything constructive; in fact, not doing anything at all".

So there.

Unless something else pops up (I bet you're thinking "Oh how about study Com? SYEAH RIGHT!), shlumping it is!



Anonymous said...

Shlumping is good

i like

btw, im gonna start dieting next week.. hu hu.. :S

Mas Light said...

wooo shlumping sound gewd...

lets shlump hahahahah...sot

>_< omg x cukup cats woke me up

Haizum said...

Mas : are yousure they're not in heat? My cat Spot was so loud when she was in heat that she kept the whole house up in the wee hours of the morning.

Paya : Why diet? Just excersise. =D You DO have a gym membership you know.

Mas Light said...

paya needs to diet? but u're not fat..*confused

anyways, haizum..hmm i think so...they need a lot of attention...if like i'm on my computer, one of them will be like sitting in front of me. start la tekan tekan my keyboard tu...kuyak..and the other one pandai jeles... i let em out ah sometimes..i mean out of the room..but paling paling they go downstairs sija..they dun go outside...the only outside they know is the balcony hahahahah

Salha said...

wow paya i tot u said u're gonna start dating next week!! i think its great... dating/dieting same difference haha
i slept early last nite and forgot to shisha :( sad sad sad....

anyway acom my weekend started great then someone had to mess it up :( its crap now